• I wanted to go for a more exciting colour but my conservative side got the better of me.

  • It might be more accurate to say that I chose it because the boring fabric would make it easier to convince friends to have framebags made so I can get some practice in before progressing to nicer fabrics.

  • Made it for a friend who's much taller, so this top tube bag is too long for my bikes. But it seems to have worked out quite okay. I have learned a lot from doing it and even more from have @pdlouche critiquing my work as it progressed, so the next is going to be heaps better, but I'm quite happy for a first version.

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  • Not quite level...

  • It’s Lvel though.

  • I'm toying with the idea of having the non-driveside dropout 3D-printed. It's roughly a Paragon snapring dropout with paragon caliper mounts all blended into each other as a rough mockup. Price on this would be €70, I'm still buying a set of dropouts to use the driveside bit so no savings there, but it would save me roughly €20 on caliper mounts. So all in all it wouldn't be hugely expensive when taking into account the overall price of the build. It's a bit tricky if it will hold up though, I've doubled the wall thickness of the tube over the Columbus spec, but still. Would like this:

    And as is, it's not a lot more exciting than just welding the caliper mounts in the tube.

    But I'm hesitant to go over the top with styling, as it will clash with the rest of the frame. Thoughts? Example of good-looking 3D-printed dropouts? I saw these earlier which got me thinking about this, but not sure if this look would work on my bike.

  • Was this taken in Lilliput?

  • One of the darker secrets of the Netherlands (about as bad as adorning small children with black face for a week or three because iT’s TRaDItIOn) is that we lock up our short people in cages made of titanium bikes.

  • Luckily the doors have QR locks.

  • Interesting project.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Locking up short people is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, as they often get in the way.

  • I found out I had a minor diameter / radius confusion going on, with the chainstay at the right dimensions it all looks a lot more confidence inspiring. Which makes it a far safer bet than 3D printing stuff, given I was operating on little more than "twice the wall thickness of the tubing should be fine".

    As much as I would like to have some 3D-printed part in there I can't come up with anything where it would be better than traditional fabrication methods.

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  • I knew you had a system for making sure everyone was >2m tall!

  • Are all their midgets sent to you, for 'disposal' ?

  • I couldn't possibly comment...

  • Says the man with 114.9k comments

  • It's by stringing other users along with vague responses that allow my further comments to flourish. #hooklinesinker

  • Actually it's more to do with not being able to think of anything funnier at the time.

  • I seem to have found room for a 700cx50 and a 46/32 crankset. (with the tiniest crimp on the inside of the chainstays, that is)

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  • The model is really nearing readiness now, still have some time for dotting the i's and crossing the t's as the latest prognosis is for building to begin in december. More and more components are showing up, latest is a 46/32 Praxis crankset. The last decisions left to be made component-wise are headset and bartape. I'm liking the look of the Fabric Knurl tape.

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  • Tijmen: Creates entire CAD model of bike.
    Also Tijmen: Doesn't put valves at 6 'o clock.

  • .

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  • Plans for turning an Ikea cutting mat into a seatpackharness are forming, hopefully my buddy's lasercutter gets through it without lighting it on fire.


    "Loosely inspired" by:

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Kona Unit hardtail and Eroba gravel / road / commute thing (+ virtual bike building)

Posted by Avatar for Tijmen @Tijmen