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  • My landlord doesn’t know and my girlfriend doesn’t appreciate it!

  • Would love to have the skills and workshop, but I don't think I'm inconsiderate enough to do a @PhilDAS tribute.💋

    A render by a friend more talented than I am, the gilding on the stays might turn out well gaudy.

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  • Touché friend

  • (She doesn’t really mind. Wants me to do well, bless)

  • This is cool. Gold spacer on steerer too much?

  • Thought we were looking at the album art for In Colour then.

    The render is fun! Think a less glossy rear triangle would look better personally.

  • What’s that marbled piece of shit hanging under your saddle?

  • If I get the gilding stuff down it'll definitely be worth a shot.

  • Yeah, the gilding probably won't be as smooth and glossy. I'll do some tests with different lacquers before putting it on the bike.

  • Not sure, but if my jersey pockets wouldn't be stuffed with a matching marbled piece of shit I would have never had it on show like that.

  • Sounds rubbish

  • The geo is finalised, now on to detailing such as cable routing and bottle positioning and then it's waiting till the builder is ready.

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  • Tijmen is one thirsty boi.

  • 👌🏻

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  • How hard can making a bag be?

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  • Depends on your expectations I guess.

    If you have a basic idea of sewing, and a machine that works, not that hard.
    And you seem to have enough fabric for try and error.
    Can try to answer questions, only made two bags, but spend quite some time behind a sewing machine.

    Ace paint on that fork btw!

  • That’s good to hear, no expert but I have done some sewing before. I’ll see how far I get! Practice fabric was definitely calculated in the order, zippers and straps are underway from AliExpress, if it works out I’ll get some nicer stuff from extremtextil.de .

    And cheers, super happy with my choice. :)

  • Have fun, sewing can be rewarding.

    And Extremtextil is great, even greater now they have opened a shop here in Berlin again.

  • Gilding practice.

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  • It's actually gold coloured copper, practice with the cheap stuff and then move on to the real deal later.

  • Looks pretty good for a first go, layer of clearcoat tomorrow. Hopefully that will seal it and protect it a bit, easily tarnished as is.

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  • And in preparation for the gravel bike to be I've upgraded the Unit to 11 speed. Got a GX derailleur and gripshifter for €60 so will see what gripshifter feels like, likely to be going back to triggers though.

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  • Making bags is quite hard, but it turned out quite okay. With a faux-zipper as I didn't want to waste one on a test piece, need to source some webbing and then I can do a proper one next week.

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  • Looking smart, particularly like the fabric, got a source?

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Tijmen's Bikes and Related Projects

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