• Really good progression on this, it's a lovely bike

  • Finally took the plunge on drilling and rivnutting. The bolt trick didn't really work for me, but I could borrow the proper tool and it seems to be solid. Has survived its first ride with some seriously bumpy parts, I'll wait it out for another week and then add another set to this bike and a set to the Unit.

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  • Nice, I was watching a video on how to do this the other day. Thinking about adding seat tube bottle bosses to my Inbred - where did you get the insert things/rivnuts?

  • Oh sorry, missed this. I got them from the toolbox at work. ✌🏻

  • Has building a bike around a seat post been done before? Currently getting lost in the Columbus tube catalog, first decision seems to be:


  • Is that oversize? What’s your post? Dropper?

  • Niner RDO post in 30.9.

  • Has building a bike around a seat post been done before?

    Well then yes, every custom mountain bike will be built around a seatpost and fork combo.
    You need to be very specific with seat tube length for a dropper, to leave enough height for maximum insertion and short enough for the full travel extension to be the right saddle height. Consider the length of the lower portion of the post if there’s going to be a bend in the seat tube.
    Ceeway by the way, sell a pre bent seat tube if that floats your boat. It’s just not on the Columbus catalogue

  • Just realised you may not be ordering from Ceeway since not in England

  • It's not a dropper and it's not a mountainbike, though. Definitely won't have a bent seattube.

  • No worries then! Disregard the above.
    How come you’re set on using that post then?

  • Not terribly set on it, more that I already have it. And I like steel frames with big tubes.

  • Good enough reason

  • 🤔

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  • I guess you'll have plenty of vertical compliance like that

  • Getting there, tube decisions purely based on clearances and no clue as to riding characteristics though. Bit of a weird mix, Zona seattube and chainstays, EL OverSize down and top tube, Life chainstays.

    (It won't have a Shimano chainset, will use a Rotor 3D24. Just using this model I found for checking clearances.)

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  • Some small changes.

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  • @Tijs came over to swear at his bike.

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  • And I gave mine some much needed attention.

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  • And I've bought wheels for the bike yet to be built, still a long way out though.

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  • Didn't really need the dremel, could've just punched that hole into the mudguard.

  • Tubing choice is final now, Life rear triangle, Zona OS seat tube en EL OS top and down tube. Clearances look pretty good too, maybe some minor chainstay dimpling for more tyre clearance.

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  • The tubing choice wasn't final, apparently. All Life in its current iteration.

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  • Subbed.

  • The tubing selection really seems to be final now:


    Bike (geo still completely up in the air).

    With these chainstays clearance to rings is completely fine, with some dimpling on the inside it should fit a 700x40. (Are these the ones you are using, @Hulsroy ?)

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Kona Unit hardtail and Eroba gravel / road / commute thing (+ virtual bike building)

Posted by Avatar for Tijmen @Tijmen