Baum Corretto

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  • Bet it rides like a dream, with the boras.

    Not a fan of blue decals, but hey its your BBQ.

  • Good thing is, they're removable if desired. :)

    Yeah, pretty sweet ride like this. Although, I went out with the Shamal Mille wheels this weekend and they are super nice as well. Running 28's on those, super plush.

  • Still prefer the shouty Campag wheels + gumwalls, but this version looks awesome!

  • Cheers Harry! I still have that set, no worries. :)

  • Are those WTO wheels ?

  • Sorry @Zed, missed this comment.

    Yes they are, 45mm.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Not really, still going strong. Took it out on the first ride of this decade today!

    Might be looking into some new wheels in the near future, powermeter works like a charm so quite happy with that. Bar tape might be up for renewal.

  • This bike never ceases to cheer me up.

  • Luckily for my wallet, the same goes for me haha.

    I’d be keen on getting a gravel type kind of bike next to the Baum though. I love the Orbis but it’s crazy expensive. Then again, the bar’s been set with this Corretto. ;)

  • I'd say it bloody has!

    Aesthetically speaking though, not sure if two bikes cut from the same cloth will even out. Modern disc group sets are also pretty boring looking. Would you be set on another Baum or you got any other frame makers in mind?

  • Baum is always an option for me to consider but I’m open to other brands.

    I’ve had a nice experience with Baum and I don’t mind repeating that at a certain point.

    But of course, there’s other things and brands to consider as well, I’ve seen that Bastion, Prova, Saffron, Condor & Spoon I.e all make pretty nice bikes as well. To some it might be comparing apples to oranges but you’re also talking different price points in some cases.

  • Depends, I’ll always be in favor of Campag so it’s an easy choice for me.

    I work in the industry and have thus tried all brands, both rim and disc, electronic and mechanical and I’ve always preferred Campag over the other brands.

  • Nope, totally get it. Reckon we’re pretty lucky to live at a time when small batch bike production is booming with such high finishes.
    Certain makers do stick to mind more than others recently. Would personally love a Tomii or a Bishop. Maybe one day.

    Was pleasantly surprised by super record hydro. Mechanically simple but got along with it well. Totally would

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Baum Corretto

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