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  • I've always had a certain weakness for the look and feel of Baum frames so I decided to break the piggy bank and go for it.

    I had my mind set on their steel Ristretto frame but I found out my wishlist didn't work with that particular frame due to the head tube. I prefer an oversized/tapered instead of the traditional 1 1/8.

    So, sticking to my request I had to change frame. The titanium Cubano was the first frame to feature this option but since that was already getting close to their flagship, I decided to go all out and go for the Corretto.

    So, first step is to get a bike fit done. Based on the results, Darren starts making the first proposals on the geometry side. Next up would be to decide on color scheme and the actual colors, no easy task but I had some colors in mind already.

    Since I really like the matte finish of my current Jaegher Interceptor, I decided to go for a matte Baum as well. I don't know why but it gives the bike a more exclusive finish imo.

    So it' ll be a combination of 5 different colors, tobacco / duck egg blue / copper / champagne and black.

    Once the artwork has been approved together with the geometry, I'll make sure to post it here.

    Spec list of the final bike once done;

    • Baum Corretto frame
    • Columbus forks
    • Chris King headset
    • Enve seatpost / stem / handlebar [all painted to match the frame]
    • Campagnolo Bora 50mm dark label carbon clinchers [not sure about One or Ultra version]
    • Campagnolo Super Record mechanical group set [52-36 and 11-27]
    • Fizik Antares R1 custom saddle
    • Speedplay stainless steel pedals
    • Vittoria Corsa tires or Specialized S-works Turbo Cotton

    Now, time for some pictures!

    Bike fit [Energylab Eindhoven - using the Guru bike fit]


    First item arrived a bit quicker than expected, custom R1 Antares

    ETA of the frame would be around half of March.

  • dream stuff! This should be good

  • this'll be good

  • Dis gun b gudd.gif

  • Where on earth is that fit studio? Looks like serious fucking business.

  • This is like watching top gear for me.....very nice, but irrelevant, due to wages.

  • Amazing, subbed

  • Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Hence any mistakes I might make writing this story down. ;)

    It is serious business; got to see my bone density is perfectly fine and my muscle mass is rather high compared to average. I should cut a bit on the Belgian beer and I should be good for next season.

  • Hi,
    my old weary eyes read your title and translated it as 'Wooden expensive ice cream'.
    Your written English is fine.

  • We take things serious in Eindhoven ;)

  • If you're spunking this kind of money, get the Bora Ultras. (Says a very happy owners of Bora Ones).

  • I'm running the One at the moment and I honestly love them. But you're probably right....if only for the photoshoot. ;)

  • I can honestly say this has been the most serious experience I've ever had in Eindhoven, usually it only involves beer.

  • Got the color scheme in the inbox. Always difficult to match the color in real life compared to a flat image.

    The letters look yellow in the image but will be champagne in real life.

    Unlike the two upgrades show, the finish will be completely matte.

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  • Subbed. Your Jaegher is phenomenal.

  • Cheers!

  • Ding dong! This should be a cracker!

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    • 558CD063-F165-42F1-9527-BCBC17D034BC.jpeg
  • I know opinions are worth nothing, but I'm having some trouble with the complicated color scheme and the way the logo occupies the underside of the down tube. a bit too edgy for me.

    I would go raw with white text.

    This one's okay, if not a bit too dark knight.­118/articles/jackcorretto_1024x1024.jpg?­v=1502284025

  • Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and taste.

    My last two bikes were understated like that in form of the Jaegher and previously a Dedacciai titanium. The matte finish will make it less flashy.

    Raw and white imo is way too hard as a combination. If I would go raw, then I’d go for full raw and polished decals.

  • Sub’d - i like the colour scheme - I plan to do something similar when I have a custom frame built as these are the colours of my old school uniform, brown, blue and gold...

  • È arrivato.

    Paintwork is superb, can't say anything else about it.

    Ride quality no idea yet, need to source wheels and gruppo first.

  • Looks amazing!

    What size is the frame and how long is the stem? Did all the dimensions come from the bike fit?

  • Cheers!

    I'd need to check all the dimensions of the frame but yes everything is according to the bike fit. The 'problem' with me is the fact that I need a short toptube distance but if I go too short, I end up with my shoe against the frontwheel. So we had to balance a bit between stem length and toptube length.

    The Jaegher has a 110mm stem which optically is more pretty, but I do have the problem with the shoe rubbing against the frontwheel on tight, slow corners. It's not the end of the world, but if you're trying to avoid somebody during a cobbled climb at the Tour of Flanders i.e., it can be more difficult than you want it to be. ;)

    I've been paying attention to a lot of bike fit related builds and you actually see a lot of shorter stems compared to the standard length being sold in the shop. During the fit we played a bit with different distances and with the shorter length stem, I could feel my shoulder muscles relax dramatically.

  • I like the matching cat.

  • This is gorgeous. So luxurious and expensive looking in the best possible way!!

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Baum Corretto

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