2017-12-01 - Rider Down (Me) - London Fields

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  • Just after 21:00 Friday night I was riding south to north through London fields. About half way through the park, a bloke came from the right (on foot) and effectively kicked me off my bike- my memory of the whole thing is a little vague but fairly sure he hit the front wheel and I went down. I landed on my back and then my head - totalling a helmet in the process. (see pic).

    Aside from being a little shook up and having a sore back/elbow/neck I escaped any major injury. Front wheel was buckled and bars were bent but my bike basically escaped too.

    I was helped up by some passers by, by which point the aggressor(s?) had already disappeared. Couple of witnesses saw it and one rang the police but I didn't stick about so not certain it will have been reported.

    Don't think it was an attempted mugging as nothing was taken - but otherwise can't find a decent motive to do something so potentially damaging (aside from people being drunk/mad/very anti-cycling)

    Thought it would be worth posting here as a heads-up, to see if anyone has experienced anything similar and, of course, for sympathy.


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  • sympathy


  • But seriously H(heal)TFU

  • Shit dude, that's terrible. Hope they catch the bastard. Did the coppers attend?

    Heal up!

  • Not that I'm aware of - I probably should have stuck about but was in no mood to really!

  • Understandable. Glad you're ok.

  • Bizarre and lucky you didn't come off worse.

  • Ooo sounds shocking and frightening.
    How quick were you going? There is a bit of animosity around the fields against cyclists who don't keep to the speed limit or who don't realise that pedestrians have priority on park paths. Angry, startled pedestrians are not a common hazard but maybe we should all be more aware of the risk of encountering one.

  • How quick were you going?

    About 30kph I think.

    Thanks all for concern/general HTFUs

  • Also, the guy could have been interested in the bike before realising it was damaged.

    Glad to hear wasn't worse

  • About 30kph I think.

    Seems too fast. #deathtoroadies

  • I doubt it was an attempted mugging tbh.

    I’m regularly shouted at by random crack-heads/ winos while cycling through that neck of the woods after dark.

    More likely someone with mental health issues imo.

  • Yes, too fast, but that's no excuse for assault. Glad you weren't badly hurt.

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2017-12-01 - Rider Down (Me) - London Fields

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