SE Bike Storage / Workshop Space - LIST TIME - SPACE AVAILABLE

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  • Anyone still interested?

  • hah just seen that and had the same thought... I'm in

  • We need twenty people to make that £30pcm.

    Speculative List:

    1) mashton

  • @coldharbour

    1) mashton
    3) Mcamb

  • LFGSS Club House!

  • 1) mashton
    3) Mcamb
    4) Crop

  • I'd be willing to pay a bit more if we can't manage 20 people

    1) mashton
    2) Thrasher
    3) Mcamb
    4) Crop
    5) psg1ben

  • I don’t want to stick my oar in, but has anyone checked if @coldharbour wants to share with 20 key holders...?

  • Amazing, it's like that Google give mind thing.

    Alas, although sub letting is permitted I wouldn't be able to set it up as the bike park of south London. Sorry to disappoint ;)

  • I'm guessing that means it couldn't be split between much fewer people for mostly the same purpose.

  • Somebody please just tell me where I can safely store, access and work on a small festival sized sound system!

    *Edit - and store a handfull of bikes

    For cheap!

  • Anything ever happen with this in the end?

    Was just searching the forum and stumbled upon this. Basically I've been trying to google cheap studio / workshop / industrial / storage space (that was the natural progression of the searches I went through as I discovered each seemed non-viable financially).

    Basically I'm trying to see if there is a place I can store my bikes and tools securely, and go and spend a bit of time working on them. Anyone any idea how possible it would to find something very basic that meets these requirements? Basically a garage would do it if it was secure. I'd ideally want electricity but that's about it. Could this be possible for £100 a month? If not, out of interest, and out of budget, would it possible for £200 per month?

    Otherwise I guess a shared space.

    Broadly based North East geographically (I'd be in Clapton). Any suggestions on how to search this would be good too.

  • Just as an indication, my old studio in Hackney wick was £800+ bills a month and was the size of a small garage.

    I would say £100-200 might not hit it.

    i tried to share and found the issue with that kind of space is space, bikes are a pain in the arse to store, by the time it becomes affordable (3-4 people sharing) there is no room for the purpose.

    Might be wrong but East london spaces are so expensive that a hobby occupation becomes an expensive habit and more importantly it prices out people that require these spaces for their living....

  • I'm still renting a garage with no power.
    If this can work in SE then I have £100 I'd be willing to pitch in to make it happen.

  • Okay, guess I'm way out. Seems bonkers. My actual rent is less than that, and that includes bills...

  • I worked out of a large double garage space for a couple of years that'd be enough for 4/5 people to share in SE.
    Property manager way a cowboy but it was all legal and affordable (for running a business)

    I'll check what the costs were

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SE Bike Storage / Workshop Space - LIST TIME - SPACE AVAILABLE

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