• So its come to a few of our attensions that needs to happen.
    Be good to get a definitive list of genuine interested parties before looking at spaces/ details.

    Who needs this space in their life? I think being able to commit to £20 per month is reasonable. Any other thoughts / suggestions and dreams welcome. List:


  • There's an outside chance of me being interested. I have a garage right now that I'm outgrowing...

  • Would be interested in a North London version, no use to you but maybe others are looking

  • @Jingle jangle was trying to set up something similar recently in SE

  • dont think he replied in the DBAD discussion. @Jingle_Jangle ??

  • I don't need it but I am happy to support if required in any other ways.

    Start an excel sheet/list with members and locations?

    1. amey - Catford
    1. amey - Catford
    2. SB - Bermondsey
  • Cool idea, good luck.


  • I'm very interested in this and already pay too much for a garage. I'd definitely need electricity and would be prepared to put forward something up to/around 100 a month to get something the right size, I have a couple of cargo bikes and a tandem among others and would prefer a decent sized workshop as well.

    1. amey - Catford
    2. SB - Bermondsey
    3. psg1ben -Forest Hill
    1. amey - Catford
    2. SB - Bermondsey
    3. psg1ben -Forest Hill
    4. stevo_com - Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood
    1. amey - Catford
    2. SB - Bermondsey
    3. psg1ben -Forest Hill
    4. stevo_com - Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood
    5. Thrasher - Broccoli
  • I am currently sorted for bike storage, but my current arrangement will change at some point soon.

    My storage 'requirement' is pretty large.

    Current plan is to drop a container or two in a yard in Charlton. There may be an opportunity to give access to other people, but that depends on how Mrs Jangle (who is driving the project) feels about it.

    In any case, it won't happen for a bit.

    I will update if an opportunity arises.

  • I too am good for storage and the odd bit of tinkering. But a collective with combined tooling, space, work stands etc with a community understanding would be awesome.

    A space with a number of people where you could say "I'm going to be there Thursday night/Saturday afternoon to service the commuter/road bike" and others could rock up at the same time, shoot the shit, share a beer/coffee or two, mutually benefit from tools or knowledge one might not have, is a pretty cool idea.

  • Interested in this, north or east would suit me best right now but I may end up south again. Mainly needed for storage and occasional fettling/testing plus consumption of beer.

  • Yeah that sounds ace!

    Gut is to that is definitely worth twenty quid a month. Head wonders if I'd ever actually use it.

    Fuck it, count me in.

    1. mashton - Herne Hill

    Whilst we are chatting local, does anyone near se24 have a headset press I can use?

  • Cool. When my headset arrives I'll give you a shout!

  • Ok.
    I'm off work if you wanna do a play date.

  • You're still stay at home dad right?

  • Ooh, yes. Are you looking after kids?

  • I'll drop you a PM when the shiny bits arrive.

  • @yokes @Crop

    We've got a workshop share (plenty of storage) available in hackney Wick, access to woodworking and metal working tools


  • Same here but for West or SW London - Ealing/ Brentford/ H&F/ Wandsworth/ Putney ish. Can pay up to £250/month. We need a bit of general storage, some space for the mrs' machinary, and Bike faff space. PM if anyone's interested and I'll start separate thread.

  • If anyone is interested north/ east

    Check out our workshop share


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SE Bike Storage / Workshop Space - Going to view a place - Need 4/3 people.

Posted by Avatar for Thrasher @Thrasher