Surly Cross Check conversion

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  • Hi lads,

    I am looking at converting my Surly CX possibly with a cheap flip flop 120mm wheel which I have sitting in the shed. Is that possible? Rear spacing on the Surly CX is 132,5 mm so I was just getting two 5mm axle spacers and get on with it...
    2 questions:
    Will the axle of the 120mm wheel be long enough?
    Chainline... Any particular problem with it?


  • I run my Surly CX fixed, I've been using a phil wood hub with the 130 conversion kit and before that it was on a halo hub with a 130 conversion. I've had no problem with chain line when using 110mm BB.

    In relation to the axle on a standard 120 hub you might struggle, I seem to remember trying to use spacers on my halo hub before buy the 130 conversion kit. You might be lucky depending on the hub.

  • Thanks @HousecatHST, that sounds reassuring as I've just picked up a new 110mm BB... phew!
    As for the axle, I am not sure... it is a cheap stock wheel. Hubs should be Novatec. Do you reckon it could be changed easily enough?

  • A quick google doesn't suggest there is a standard conversion kit for Novatec hubs. I'd pop the fixed hub in the drop outs of the CX and see what it looks like.

    My feeling is that if you space it 5mm either side you'll end up with not much axle thread for the nuts to bolt onto, at least that was the issue I had with the standard 120 halo hub I'm afraid.

  • ok, the axle wan't obviously long enough... here I am again looking at buying a hub to build a specific wheel for the conversion...
    I am looking at the Surly Ultra New­lack-32-surly-ultra-new-road-fixedfree-r­ear-hub-130mm/
    Not the cheapest though...
    Any alternative option you can recommend?
    A 32h hub should be strong enough for some CXSS fun, yeah?

  • A 32h dP18 type rim has been strong enough to handle a 2.35" tyres and caning it down Glencoe/Fort william and other downhill tracks. Should be fine for CX on 35mm tyres.
    I had/have the planet x novatec hubs.

  • thanks man... I'll have to make a call at some stage. Building wheels is so

  • I use a 130mm sturmney archer track hub in a 135 steel frame, works fine - some track nuts are better than others with more threads closer to the end

  • Depending on how the axle looks inside the hub (ie whether it is machine for the bearings) then you may be able to replace it with a longer threaded axle.

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Surly Cross Check conversion

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