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  • Hello, so this is a thread for all things london open (L.O.V. <3 <3 <3) that we would rather keep private, for the mean time...

  • London Open Meeting 1
    Present: Emmet, Danielle, Max Limb, Jess, Phil, Charlie, Frax

    Topics of Discussion


    1 Clapham Common, basket ball and net ball courts. Nice location, great surface, no lights.
    2 Highbury Fields, tried and tested but not as good a surface, no lights.
    Need to consider other options in case these fall through.
    Need to contact councils asap and work out rough costs (considering also Security, toilets etc)


    -Two 40 x 20m courts.
    -Need to estimate costs

    Option 1 - Contact construction / design companies about possibility of being a title sponsor for the tournament and building the courts.
    Option 2 - Build the courts in the club (Meep Meep Makita have expressed interest). Source materials as cheaply as possible
    i. Matt’s company can get industry discounts on materials
    ii. In Australia they borrow pallets for free from B&Q / Homebase type of businesses.
    iii. Sell materials back as scrap / low cost.


    Main Event - Saturday and Sunday - 32 teams - 3v3 - Provisionally 5 swiss followed by double elim

    Pre Event - Friday - 6 to 8 teams - City Bench teams (UK majority) - Format TBD.


    Main Event
    i. Release a number of spots (potentially 16 although this might change if we want to reserve spots for organisers / London teams etc..) for mixed gender teams up to a week before the other / remaining spots are open to everyone else.
    ii.First come first served registration.
    iii. Cost - between £20 - 30 per player. This will be finalised when we have a clearer idea of overall costs of the tournament.
    iv. Package - Entry. Potential discount on food / drink. Potential breakfast or lunch. Potential free t shirt for each player (LPC t not a 'London Open’), ask Matt Cox to design.

    Pre Event

    i. Uk Bench, so UK clubs that are interested get a spot. Minimum of 3/4 players must come from the club. Remaining spots can be selected from a draft of Euro / Uk players.
    ii. Cost - between £10-£15 per player
    iii. Package - Free Lunch


    No organised housing. Be very clear about this early on.
    Can do some research into affordable options to direct any teams that are at a loss to.


    Assuming we get to use the Clapham location
    Friday - The Canopy
    Saturday - Nothing organised, suggest a pub for those that want to socialise
    Sunday - Group court break down and party in the park


    In addition to LHBPA funds that we are willing to commit (£3000, float if necessary) we need more £££

    i. Courts sponsorship
    ii. Look into possible partnership with TFL / bikeability contractors.
    iii. Companies - Brompton, Brooks, Knog, Chunk etc… Ask for sponsorship, if they deny, ask for products as prizes.
    iv. Organise small, easy to run tournaments (Riff Raff Xmas tourney, PDFCOMM, UK Champs (16 teams @ agnes????)
    v. Cambridge Bike Polo, have some funds from bike polo balls and have expressed possible interest in supporting the tournament.


    Frax poles
    Sponsored items
    Club member’s art pieces / made goods.


    Have information about becoming involved in bike polo.
    Flyers, information area, banners etc...

  • Organisational Priorities

    1 Talk with Lambeth and Islington councils about using locations - Jess happy to take this on with assistance (Woody mentioned as preferable if he is willing)
    2 Look into court sponsorship - Emmet
    3 Talk to the fount of knowledge, Jono, for anything we might have missed / tips etc… - Emmet
    4 Sum up overall Costs - Emmet (and someone else please)
    5 Pin down dates for LO - Emmet, Jess, Woody.

    Rough Timeline

    November - Contact locations. Create sponsorship package for courts. Start to have a clear idea of costs

    December - 9th or 10th hold another meeting.

    January - Announce the Tournament Publicly


    March - Registration




    July - Host the tournament

    August - Maybe organisers and volunteers partayy.

  • On the topic of court sponsorship....

    Timaru bike polo did this at the World Championships, Proshed did have family connections to the club, however, it was still a serious business venture. Contact TBP and PS about their success to canvas to London companies that might be able to support our event.

    If this is possible I would happily name the tournament the 'Business name London Open' and maybe it could be a partnership we can carry on to future tournaments.

  • On the points discussed in Registration topic....

    The idea to reserve spots for priority registration for mixed gender teams was suggested as a way to represent what is considered by many to be a core value of our sport and community.
    We voted on the matter; 6 voted for, 1 abstained. However, this is still open to further discussion if club members not present wish to add any input
    (note: it was not discussed but I assume and support that teams consisting entirely of WTF players will be allowed to partake in the priority registration)

    The idea of the UK bench on the Friday is to ensure UK players get to play at the tournament, without reserving spots for them in the main event. I personally don't want to reserve spots for UK teams in the main event because I believe that International involvement in the LO is the main thing which has made it such a success / a tournament that UK teams want to go to in the first place, and therefore do not want to dissuade International teams by limiting their spots. Also I hope that as a club we can host some smaller tournaments anyway which will be almost exclusively made of UK teams.

  • On the topic of reg price per player...

    We agreed to wait until we had a better understanding of overall costs. However there was some apprehension about charging what was deemed too much. i.e. £30 pp.
    Personally I think that we should not be led by the cost of other tournaments and should charge what will leave club in a healthy state. It would be good if possible to make some profit from the tournament so that hosting tournaments in the future is feasible / desirable for the club.
    I am happy though to try and offer more than just entry to the tournament in the registration so that players accustomed to cheaper tournaments are not entirely 'put out'.

  • Thanks emmett.

    Re pricing- I think higher is better- we will undoubtably lose money as there are always unexpected costs, plus the club will be putting in a lot of work to run the event. If you can afford to fly here, you can probably afford entry- we could always work out a system for a few spots for people who genuinely can't.

    Re spots for mixed gender teams: very up for this, tho disappointed there was no mention of the idea we spent a long time discussing at the last meeting, about spots for U.K. Teams/teams from smaller scenes. As I mentioned at the time, I think it would be a massive shame if reg was based on fastest trigger fingers, as those tourneys already exist, and not everyone is best served by that.

    Happy to chat to the council

  • Re: reg fees, offering discounts to players who volunteer to work at the tournament? Reffing / court build etc

  • Definitely. If 50%-100% off fees for pitching in. Offer open to out of Towners who build court etc. Have to remember to build this in to reg fee income predictions though

  • Courts update: @wooodrow spoke to Clapham council and it looks v v unlikely that we'll be able to use the Common as you usually book years in advance. We are now considering Agnes Riley and Highbury Fields

  • Yes, they have passed me on to some other team but it doesn't sound positive. They have said they could look for other spots for us. These probably wouldn't have much footfall, but I don't think that really matters?

    I've only been to Agnes Riley once, so can't remember the set up- would we want to use that perhaps?

    I'll also require about Highbury fields - it worked well before and we can fit three courts iirc

  • Heads up... Highbury Fields was originally a 'no go' for large vehicle access (the whole area has a weight limit on the feeder roads).

    We were going to man handle all the pallets/materials from the closest road to the courts area on smaller vehicles (and back again), but on the day the driver came right up to the courts on the sly, he possibly got a fine.

    But don't let that hold you back, London Open, woop!

  • ThankS @JonoMarshall, good to know. I seem to remember some other negative feedback from last time, probably best not to dwell on on a public forum.

  • This is a private forum so you're ok.

  • Highbury is a good location.

    We should inquire into Agnes as an option for us, but Agnes could only host one court of 40x20m or larger.
    However, we might be able to get two courts of 34(ish) x 20m. I can check out the width of the court (which would be our length if we want two courts) tomorrow.

  • Emmet did you check?

    Also couldn't we just try and book both courts and then have 2 big courts?

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London Open V

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