Muddy Fox Courier drop bar conversion & restoration

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  • The fork doesn't have lawyer lips, so these stop the wheel falling out if the axle nuts come loose (there is one on each side). In practice not really necessary, but they are original and in good condition so were kept.

  • That explains it, thanks!

  • Got the '86 courier built back up for a few days at centreparcs:

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    • 20190628_210945.jpg
  • Only non original parts are the tires, saddle and brake blocks.

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  • Matching bikes:

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  • The '86 actually far suits being a klunker/ cruiser than a drop bar monster cross, far more so than the '87 which has geo more like other early 90s mtbs. The ‘86 wheelies forever too :-)

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  • Both super nice!

  • I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed reading through this entire project having never looked in before.

    Fantastic and beautiful work on both bikes (Couriers make me hanker back to my youth and the start of my mtb’ing ways).

  • Lovely couriers - fantastic attention to detail. You can have another frameset and a pair of big bens cheap if you want? Will pop and say hello if you’re at the B on A hill in a couple of weeks. Cheers!

  • Cheers John. I've signed up, but have double booked as my wife has thrown a lunch party the same day. I'm going to try and sneak out for 30 mins to race, depending what my start time is. I'll keep an eye out for you and say hi.

  • If anyone has been reading my Rockhopper thread you will no doubt have seen the little DB Axis project that got hidden within it. That project turned about to be quite an interesting experiment because for a quick budget build, the bike actually turned out rather well. So well in fact that it made me rethink what I had done to this MF. Ive always really loved the idea and look of drop bar mtbs, and monstercross frankenbikes, which was the main intent for the MF. It took off in a slightly different direction, but while I love it, I couldnt help but feel it got a little lost and conflicted. The polish took something away from the sheer fun of what it was, where as the DB seems to hit that mark a bit better. So, I decided to go full circle with the MF and make it a bit more conventional again. Once complaint I had with both this and my dads is that the reach was a bit short. This one is better for being steeper, but the original stem was still too short. There was only one option left really, it needed a Bullmoose. Ive considered one before, but never got one as was perusing the drop bar thing. Now it seemed to fit the bill. Modern reproduction ones don't have the cable guide, so I had to track down an original 80s Nitto one. Didn't take too long as it happens. These have 120mm equivalent extension, and a lower effective rise than the original stem. This dropped and extended the reach nicely. The levers and shifters are taken from my dads one temporarily while I polish up the other spares I have. The foam grips are original as is the Suntour cable outer set I refitted.
    I refitted the Supermotos too as they just look so much better than the Compass tires. The RTPs are lighter, but have much less volume. I think these just tip the balance.
    The finishing touch was to spend a bit of time on the original saddle before refitting it. Lots and lots of time working wax into it has made it look loads better.
    I took it for a ride around town with my 5yr old on sunday to see the flooding we have locally, its ideal for that.
    P1020890 by Billy Austen, on Flickr
    P1020892 by Billy Austen, on Flickr
    P1020894 by Billy Austen, on Flickr
    P1020895 by Billy Austen, on Flickr
    P1020893 by Billy Austen, on Flickr
    P1020886 by Billy Austen, on Flickr
    P1020885 by Billy Austen, on Flickr

  • The retro fleet together:
    P1020882 by Billy Austen, on Flickr

  • Magnificent work all round

  • excellent!

  • 26 game on point.

    I cry for the Muddy Fox a little bit, but you also got the Diamondback so it makes sense.

  • Ha, I've 4 other 26ers in the garage also #26aintdead

    Can we have some more info on your ... leafblower thing? (the red specialized)

  • Leaf blower is a good name for it though!

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Muddy Fox Courier drop bar conversion & restoration

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