1930's Bates Grangewood tandem. Reynolds 531 Cantiflex

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  • Hi everyone,
    Time has come to pass on my tandem as it is not being used much or at all.

    It is a rare Bates Grangewood Reynolds 531 cantiflex tubing with diadrant forks. The frame has been restored, some parts have been rechromed and some remain in original condition.
    The frame was in really poor condition when I got it, the paint was peeling off in several places as it was painted over full chrome.
    I had a quote from Argos to get it resprayed and rechromed and it was extremely expensive. I was sure wanted Argos to do the paint work (still expensive) so I have done all the preparation polishing work myself to save money and as a challenge, and got it rechromed locally. I got advice from the guys at the chroming plate place on the finishing I had to achieve for a good result and I have been given offcuts of emery cloth in different grades which I have work with. The chrome is very good with just a tiny amount of pitting shown under the chrome on one of the forks legs where I have miscalculated how much I had to get polished. It's where the chrome turns to paint.
    During stripping the remaining paint and chrome I have noticed that the angle between the fork ends and the fork blades was 90 degrees and saw what I thought minor signs of stress, seen in many pre war cast from ends. So to be on the safe side, I had it reinforced with a little TIG and then polished with a curved shape to get a better distribution of forces.
    After chroming it has been sent to Argos where they shot blasted the main frame, masked the chrome and filled the pitting shown in some areas of the main triangles.
    The finish is green flamboyant, which is metallic silver with a translucent green coating. It really comes to life in direct sunlight as the sparkle comes from underneath the green rather than being in the paint like a metallic finish. Red lug lining.

    Fork and frame matching numbers. Will have a look as I forgot it.
    Rare brass original headbadge that I have decided to leave in original condition.


    • Brampton head clip.
    • Rechromed pilot's slender steel tandem stem and steel handlebars (will add the shape name once I remember).
    • Stoker steel track bars in original condition.
    • Velox cotton bar tape.
    • Chater lea tandem chainset and Chater Lea Bottom brackets. Cranks in original condition with some chrome loss, good chrome on BB cups.
    • Webb pedals, wire adjustable toeclips and period straps. original condition and chrome loss but running smooth.
    • Period steel seatposts.
    • Resilion tandem brakeset. The body of the levers are made of brass with steel blades, which have been rechromed. Original cotton cables, outers are a bit cracked in places. Fibrax brake pads were NOS when fitted and have seen very little use.
    • 2x Brooks Champion narrow oval badge. The pilot's saddle has been changed to another Champion narrow than that in the picture as it is a better colour match to that of the stoker.
    • Rare Airlite small flange tandem hubs (32/40h), laced x3 front and x4 rear, double butted spokes and steel Dunlop 26 x 1 1/4" rims. Raleigh Racing tyres, sidewalls are showing some age but had no problem riding them.
    • Period green anodised alloy bell.
    • Period alloy Bluemels pump with green detail rings.
    • Bluemels Club Special mudguards in good condition with original Bates wingnut mudguards fitting.
      Currently running as single speed but I can also include a tandem Cyclo 3 speed rear mech, return spring, lever and a Cyclo 3 speed freewheel (close or wide ratio).
      It just needs a cable for the Cyclo mech to run gears. I had one and I have been looking for ages but I just can't find it.

    54.5cm seat tube
    56.5cm toptube
    52cm set tube
    53cm top tube

    I will update the info with the frame number once I've checked.
    I can take more pictures if needed, juts need to get it out as it is in semi storage at the moment. I've also got some pics of the restoration process if needed.
    I have also got 2 matching dark brown Brooks B17 chrome rails saddles that I can swap for the ones in the pictures. Not as period correct as the ones currently fitted but cheaper.
    I could meet in Shrewsbury or Welshpool/Wrexham way.
    I could look into posting but due to size and value it would be vey expensive.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything, otherwise just ask.

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  • More pics

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  • Apologies for uploading like this but the connection is terrible and everything collapses when trying to do them all in one go.

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  • A catalogue scan.

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  • For Mr & Mrs @Jingle_Jangle

  • I have a Bates Track Frame that is an almost identical colour.

    Whilst I would love this, I'd have to cut my legs off to be able to ride it, and the only way Mrs JJ would go near a tandem would be if she were drugged up.

  • This is so great. Cant even describe it.

  • Well done Sir. Lovely.

  • Intrigued by the fat bat ... perfect for Halloween

  • amazing and great value too.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. Would you like to buy it @anidel? :)

  • I would like yes, but no space, can't afford, won't use it :)

  • lovely

  • and the award for best head badge goes go....

  • Fair enough.

  • Pic added with the Cyclo derailleur, return spring, shifter, and 2 freewheels, Cyclo 3 speed 14-16-18 and a no name 16-18-20.

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  • This is a beaut, can only hope my Grubb turns out half as good when it's done. glws.

  • Oh Alex,
    That's wonderful!
    If I had the money, I'd own this. Hopefully you still have this when my finances improve!
    Bump for a great seller.

  • Thanks, would like to see yours.

  • Thanks Pete, I know it would go to a very good home should you get it.

  • Price drop. Bump

  • I'm not in the market but have to say what an incredible job you have done.

  • Jesus Christ thats amazing

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thanks.
    Price drop.


1930's Bates Grangewood tandem. Reynolds 531 Cantiflex

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