Sell my Crabon, build a steel road bike.

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  • I recently built a bike up for the first time, salvaging a Freddie Grubb Galibier and doing a fixed conversion. I loved the process and love the outcome.

    I currently own a carbon road bike, a Wilier Izoard XP with Shimano Ultegra groupset. I've had it a few years, ridden lovely miles on it, but have never loved it as a bike. I haven't disliked it, just had no connection.

    My plan is to sell it, replace it with a nice steel road frame from the eighties or nineties and then build that up into a road bike that, hopefully, I will love.

    Ideally the sale of the former will cover most of the build of the latter, but that may be wishful thinking.

    Aiming to get this done over the winter in time for Spring riding.

    First step is to sell the Wilier.

    Other first step is to find a lovely frame and fork that will fit me and can be built up appropriately. Does anyone know of something that might fit the bill - I'm 6'2 so probably around a 58cm.

    This should be fun.

  • I approve of this plan,

    @hoops had a lovely Paul Donohue for sale in the right size that would be a great starting point.

  • see @noca 's bikes for inspiration!

  • That's a 56cm, would be too small for me, no?

    @Señor_Bear, what size is your Cielo?

  • Mine is also a 56

  • Oooh that daccordi is quite lovely.

    This is fun.

  • Quite a few frames available which would fit the bill.

    What about the other side of this, selling the Wilier?

    Not many carbon road bikes seem to sell on here so it's tricky to get a handle on pricing. I'll post it here first, obviously, but for how much? It was £2.2k rrp, reduced to £1899, back in 2012.

    It has had one ding on the front mech that ended up in having it replaced. Other than it is as a five year old, lightly used road bike would be. Ridden less than 2000 miles I'd guess. Children have severely curtailed my mileage in the last five years.

    Any ballpark recommendations?

  • I've an ex-pro Panasonic PR-6000 that might be of interest - it was John Talen's and, despite no supporting evidence whatsoever, I've convinced myself that he was riding it when he entered the Arenberg in the leading group in 1990 Paris-Roubaix.......

  • I have frameset from this bike for sell, it's custom made Rychtarski with Enve 2.0 fork and CK headset, it's 56 but I'm only ~2cm shorter than you.

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  • So many cool options. @Big_Ted how big is the Pana and how much are you looking for?

    I'm going to need to make a spreadsheet of all these frames.

    And I need to sell the Crabon to find $$$.

  • It's 60 cm c-c but as you can see from pictures here­ic.php?t=164396 the seat tube does pierce the top tube - I'm 6'2" and it fits me fine.

    Price? Not sure, would want to sell as a complete bike if possible (still as pictured) although could be persuaded just frame and fork. oh, and I have a very tidy Mavic Starfish groupset if you get another frame and fancy going all French......

  • That Panasonic is really great.

  • The geo on it looks less than comfy! Such steep seat stays...

  • Undoubtedly a bargain but not really on brief.


  • If I said £850 for the Wilier would I be bonkers?

    Looking for a reaction here.

  • If it's the Panasonic you're referring to, it got me round the Ronde twice although to be fair the 28s probably helped, even at 110psi

  • If I said £850 for the Wilier would I be bonkers?

    Probably yes. My thinking on this would be the 6700 Ultegra probably isn't that desirable given 6800 can be had cheap and 8000 is in the wild. That assumes there isn't anything like a FSA crank Willier snuck in to keep the cost down which would further reduce desirability.

    Wheels - stock they are either going to be a Willier own brand or something bottom of the wheel builder's range Aksiums maybe. but again, not a lot of resale. Here I am completely guessing

    That leaves frame and finishing kit. Would be surprised if finishing kit was from desirable manufacturers but I could well be wrong.

    So from a planning my budget perspective I would guesstimate you might get £4-500 after sales costs

    Anyhow - there are a few up on Ebay - follow them and see what they go for

  • Thanks for that, you've hit the nail on the head. I think you are right about the FSA crank so I'll need to double check that. It has a Fizik Arione in matching colourway that I put on it.

    I'll start thinking around the four to five hundred mark and check eBay sales as well.

    Thanks again.

  • I keep coming back to that Daccordi. It's lovely. And a drive down to Littlehampton to pick it up would be a nice spin in the MG.


  • I have a 56cm Gazelle AB frame in a very unique and excellent condition original pink colour way if that would be of interest.. Cheers. T

  • wow! thanks @hma

    my lastest build ;)

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Sell my Crabon, build a steel road bike.

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