3 days in the Cairngorms - Ride report

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  • Parts of it are but you'd have to carry your bike ALOT .

  • To echo @georgel I def wouldn’t use a gravel thing, woukd get stuck just getting over the hill to the start of the loop :)

    However if you haven’t got an MTB I can sort one from Pitlochry.

    I’ll be on a HT Genesis Tarn, which i’m Getting when ever I get round to selling my Cotic soda....

  • Yeah, you, always sodding you

  • Keen to join on this. Might also give the Cairngorm Loop a try this April.

    Would be keen to do as a 300km audax in the future, but first time I'll take my Genesis Longitude in bikepacking mode.

    Audaxing would be 21 hour limit which might be unrealistically ambitious...

  • I think the record is 18hrs.....can’t think where I read that though

    But very welcome to join us! More the merrier

  • Having more of a look, it looks like a lot of 30+ hr completions.

    If conditions are dry a gravel bike with 47mm+ tyres might do the job, but I've heard with the storms a couple years ago Glen Feshie is pretty boggy in places as the path washed away.

  • Having ridden near there with @Ecobeard late last year, I would highly recommend a mtb

  • I would suggest that 30 hours is quick if you intend to do any sleeping. I rode the group start last year in September and I was totally battered after getting round in 34 hours and i slept for about 2 hours. Three days would be much more enjoyable but still challenging .

  • Definitely, I'm going to run up route sections for a 3 dayer and a 4 dayer and we can adapt as we go along.

    34hrs is bloody good going, did you pack ultra light and plan on not sleeping or did it just pan out that way?

    @motoko when the last of the snow disappears I'll take the dog up and have a look.

  • I packed pretty light , just a bivy , sleeping bag and tools. I had planned not to sleep at all but that didn't pan out. Im sure you know but the escape route in Pitlochry does a good fry up for profesh athlete recovery purposes !

  • Ha ha, yeah that cafe is amazing, I have more loyalty points in there than I do in the shop at the moment :) A few road rides have been cut short by 'accidentally' stopping there on the way out....

    Light seems to be way to go. I'm no fan of bags strapped to bikes, so i reckon for a 3 dayer it will be whatever I can fit in or on a Caradice longflap on a bagman and a bar roll. although I think I might have to take the 'puffer kettle for nostalgic reasons.

  • This is what I rode. In parts I felt under biked but that's probably cos I'm shit at proper mountain biking .

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  • A set up @Colm89 would be proud of.

    120mm Yari’s?

    I always feel underbiked at home.....some of the trails are just brutal, especially at Dunkeld and some of the red and blacks in Craigower

    Whereabouts are you based

  • This bike had a 1o0mm Reba. I'm based in Nottingham so not very local !

  • I've started editing a 3/4 day route for the loop here, if folk have any input/suggestions?

  • Just had a few days walking in the Cairngorms, tried to head to faindouran but navigation errors in a whiteout resulted in an unplanned stay at the fords of Avon refuge. It's very snowy up there at the moment! Met a few cyclists but most were struggling due to the conditions

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  • Great stuff, propper adventuring. Not the comfiest spot i hear? At least there was a plan B. That's what that ones there for really. No fire? Would have been chilly.

  • No fire but the hut is well insulated so was surprisingly warm and comfy!

  • Apologies for the dredge but doing a bit of reading on this. Is the consensus / experience,

    Outer loop - rideable - doable on gravel bike?
    Inner loop - hike a bike bits - hardtail recommended?

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3 days in the Cairngorms - Ride report

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