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  • This is so so good

  • On the left hand for ease of photos, but finally got around to a key-wrist-thing.

    I spotted a particular person on-here was sporting one when I briefly met him a few weeks back, and forgot to ask for the messenger-approved method.

    Usually I have keys on a carabiner but this makes so much more sense for the quick stops. Still working on the most convenient method for key retention while riding.

    Will try this out and see how it goes. I have sewn up some elastic to the narrow width of the strap, in case I decide on a ‘proper’ retention point for the key. Needs to be quick and convenient without losing strength.

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  • Wow... 5 months!

    Had lots of underlying health issues, fatigue etc etc. Been really out of the game. A bunch of you guys have been patient waiting for me to get back to you, so sorry about that!

    I was really struggling to get anything made for a while, then took a few extended breaks from the machines. Most I did was try make new seat covers for the motorcycle.

    The motorcycle thing has been a massive time-sink as well. Bought a 125cc in November, planned to have a full unrestricted license by March, had been training on a Bandit 600. Mod1 no stress, and got very comfortable on the road. Failed Mod2 because the examiner saw my evasive manoeuvre chopping lanes as a major fault (he missed the near-pileup ahead of me), so an otherwise clear run without any minors, failed. Then thanks to the epidemic I had my retest cancelled. So I’m relegated to riding the 125 until this all ends.

    However, the little bike has been a massive time-sink in other ways. Lots of my energy has gone into learning how to disassemble and sort a carburettor, fix oil leaks, adjust valve clearance, fit and adjust longer rear shocks, replace an exploded (literally) exhaust, battery, indicators, bulbs, tacho cables, and check wiring, etc etc etc.

    Since it’s been months without serious time on the sewing machines, I thought I’d better make a couple narrow side bags before embarking on anything for anyone else.

    First, with the angle grinder, remnants of the bmx frames I’d used for the cargo bmx, and the arc welder, I jury-rigged myself some pannier rail/shock guards.

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  • Decided on a relatively basic box-shaped rolltop bag, symmetrical, with provision to strap tight to the rail, and over the seat.

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  • Floating ripstop liner, tarp outer, D-rings with straps over the top of the seat, loop over top rail, strap tight around lower triangle. Two layers of thin foam in the back of the bag across the strap area for adding protecting and strength.

    By the way, yep they are Hagon shocks on this stupid old 125.

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  • Glad to see that you're back and at it. I love the variation of creation in this thread!

  • SMIDSY edition double capacity. I have been using these to carry deliveries for a local charity.

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  • And miniaturised the design to use as a tail bag. The straps link to straps running under the seat, as the bike has no grab rails to use.

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  • Same bag but ultra-lightweight with recycled motorcycle jackets and red cordura lining.

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  • Same again, but recycled leather coat, red cordura lining, and additional padding to add shape and structure. Stitching went a bit messier because the leather and foam fought back.

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  • Wow these really are getting places! Love watching your progress.

  • Barely any progress on making, but had a huge tidy-up and move around. I can see the floor in my shed again and have room to move and work. Pulled my shoulder pretty bad a week or two ago so been nursing that injury. Spent days last week on the motorbike and mtb, between heavy lifting the shed mess, which hasn’t helped.

    Got a different laptop to use and have just set it up to work with the vinyl cutter. Had a quick play with a variation on the official gov’t advice during this crisis...

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