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  • Been playing around hand-cutting some of the reflective stuff.

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  • Netbook sleeve

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  • A few people have been waiting forever for me to get back to them. I’m really sorry about that. There’s been lots of stuff going on so my attention has been pulled away from the bags and stuff.

    I’ve barely touched the sewing machines the last few months, and it sucks. The shed-workshop has turned into a bit of a dump, especially as it stores the XtraCycle cargo bike inside now as well. I am really keen to clear out all the unnecessary bits and rearrange and tidy again. Maybe then I will have space to move.

    As a result I’d decided to sell the shoe finisher and some of the tools and shoe lasts associated with it. I just won’t get around to that side of things any time soon. I am gutted especially for how little I’ll be selling it for, but that’s how things go.

    I’d be happy to sell the penny amusement machine as well, but that will come later.

    Anyway, the local scrap resource was given pallet-loads of roughly 8mm ply, ideal for lining the shed.

    Recently I bought a load of new tools with some inheritance dollar, so decided to try the multi-tool on plywood, since I don’t have any other power tool with a fine blade on it. The shed went up in... September? August? I’ve been waiting a long time to line the walls.

    Tomorrow I must go to buy a big jar of screws to fix all the panels, but today was a start.

    It begins...

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  • I might buy a circular saw for this stuff, but there aren’t many pieces that need cutting to size, only a few awkward corners. After that the circular saw may take up unnecessary space.

  • As a result I’d decided to sell the shoe finisher and some of the tools and shoe lasts associated with it.

    From now on you stick weld your shoes

  • Looking pretty aero. Put a scripted pink typeface on the side, they’d fly out.

  • Just the big ole saw you bought earlier, you'll even get a bit of a workout!

    Oh a bit bigger than I thought, probably won't give the neatest edges...

  • Well, it is really slow going and certainly painful using a multi-tool to cut long lengths of 8-10mm thick ply, but I managed a wall and a quarter. Angled ceiling is a pain, as is cutting out the power outlet and window.

    Took hours to move everything out and clear the space, measure and cut, and move back again. Also the ply offcuts aren’t perfectly square. There are gaps but I’m not fussed. I can always use filler in the future.

    Only got 30 sheets and already that’s more than a dozen used, so will need to go back for more next week.

    Messy shed. Hope to get this done and get some order and tidiness again in the coming weeks. Then I can actually make again.

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  • I owe a massive apology to the people kept waiting. I am sure some (at least one name in particular, whose green material is by the window in that photo) have a massive hole where their patience wore thin waiting for me to reply.

    Long and short is that my health has gotten pretty bad this year and I’m suffering a lot. I waited a year for a rheumatology appointment only to get fobbed off, and no sign of the cardiology appointment yet. I get dizzy almost all day every day, it’s either POTS or Meniers or something similar - all problems attached to the inherited medical condition from my mother’s side.

    So that means, daily, I have been going out cycling a few miles to the scrap store or shops and back again, and then being laid on the bed for hours waiting for my head to stop spinning and for my body to stop feeling exhausted.

    Rubbish, and still no excuse for keeping people waiting on the things I’d promised them.

    So it took absolute months to make any small progress, and only recently have I changed my routine and diet a little to try conserve energy enough to get back on track.

    I recently sold the shoe finisher, and to the same guy also the post-bed Singer that I swore I’d never sell. For my birthday (yesterday) I received a Sewmaq compound feed machine fitted with servo motor, so I am quite well kitted out. I have been slowly drilling holes and modifying the base of the 29K58 patcher to accommodate its own servo motor too.

    The Sewmaq is a monster, it can’t go through anything, but it can go through a lot. It will destroy thinner material so I still need to use the other machine for a lot of linings and stuff.

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  • This afternoon I decided to try out swapping between the Pfaff and the Sewmaq, and rough up a prototype rolltop waist/shoulder bag with lining and front pocket.

    Through my impatience I didn’t pay much attention to stitch quality so it’s rough. Front pocket for phone and wallet, main dump compartment for everything else.

    I’d been meaning to make something like this big enough to carry the camera while out and about, and for the very likely situation of grabbing bike parts or stuff at a shop and having no other bag with me. The other hip bag is amazing and thin, but very limited capacity. This is much larger.

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  • And over shoulder. The buckle is on the alternate side to my shoulder preference, but better for round the waist. The base folds up at the back, and tidies the excess strap (which is long enough to clip closed when the top is fully unrolled).

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  • Good to see you back at work. great design as always, this looks especially thought through.

    Also, IMO, health problems are always a understandable reason for delay. You only got the one body.

  • Hey thanks.

    The blue bag worked totally fine this week, but there were some niggles. I had it jam-packed with stuff on a day out with family and didn’t like the way it sat while standing and walked. However while cycling it performed admirably and I was quite comfortable carrying back excessive loads.

    So this next version is much slimmer. I can and probably will change it a little again, maybe make the front pocket shorter and the main bag deeper.

    I swapped between the Pfaff dropfeed (textiles) machine and the new Sewmaq compound feed, and it’s been amazing to be able to stitch through so many thick layers with ease. This wouldn’t have been possible without the new machine.

    Anyway, water resistant front pocket, possible rain gets through the tiny slit but unlikely. Chunky YKK zip. Ripstop lined. Padded front pocket, area behind for lock, and main dump compartment also lined (floating liner) with ripstop.

    Waist/shoulder strap has an extra loop on one side for carabiner for keys. Tested out today on an errand and all worked fine even whilst cycling.

    There are some details not shown in the photo, like the extra webbing for holding extra stuff on the front and back. Just little touches where I know I’ll want to carry extra later on.

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  • More

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  • Can I send mine back for some mods ;)

  • This morning’s scrappy prototype of a smaller rolltop. Pretty comfortable on the errands at the moment, but not satisfied by the top, jam-packed though. Velcro closure plus fold-over but the plastic is too dense for a satisfying close. Will remake it and change the closure.

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