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  • More hoarding... i have a massive massive roll of ~1mm closed cell/high density foam so that has me kitted out for the foreseeable future.

    Also... now... I have a whole roll of sticky-back reflective/holographic tape and two bagloads of ripstop nylon!

    Black, olive-gold, white, and a few bits of yellow etc. So, watch this space but definitely able to make some super lightweight bits for people now!

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  • After a year of tarp, this stuff feels incredibly flimsy. The challenge comes with how silky and slippery the damn stuff is. Serious weight-weenie bag potential.

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  • Bit of a work in progress. Ultra-light bare bones tube+lever pouches to go under the saddle.

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  • I got dragged to a furniture warehouse in Wimbledon at the weekend and they had a load of leather and suede off cuts in a pile. No idea on the cost but maybe worth a cheeky offer if it was the sort of stuff you could use. It was this place­ed/events/wimbledon-sale-outlet-now-open­

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  • Nice! I’ll have a think about when I’m next in London and see if I can’t get over that way. Thanks ;)

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  • Everything within arm’s reach is getting slaptagged with these test stickers as I try to get the correct depth cut from the Cricut. This stuff has an adhesive back and is very thin and dense, pretty sure it is industry level tape for going along HGV’s and trailers.

    Crazy reflective.

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  • Maybe a better photo of the ultralight saddle pack. This is serious minimalism, ripstop and tiny. Managed to comfortably fit levers, tube, CO2 + adapter.

    You must put it all in carefully to make best use of the shape and space, but once fitted it’s secure and there’s no saddle pack protruding from the sides, so no rub on the shorts while riding.

    Super barebones, no triglide nor ladderlock, just the side release clip.

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  • This one's really good, love it!

  • I had a spare ‘no’ from reflective bouncy castle, and decided to see how well a musette would hold up with a narrow fixed-length strap, made from ripstop. All hand cranked as the material is very slippery. Looks olive-gold in the light, lined with black. I will probably make these in a very limited edition with the olive-gold and stencil, but otherwise they will be available in black and white as well.

    Super lightweight and packable. 80cm strap so sits relatively high up.

    I’ll also be making them with a waist/cross-body strap as extra, for security.

    Photo with flash to show how shiny-reflective it is.

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  • Couple more bits. Stem feed bag prototype, and a tool-roll-turned-passport-holder in unfinished state.

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  • Started on this today as well. It’s inspired by a $500 leather camera case. I’ve borrowed the concept and changed some of the shape and a lot of design.

    This is a prototype for testing sizing so it’s very unfinished. Made to have the extra integrated pocket for lens cap or memory cards, and made more or less for my A6000.

    Gonna get this design nailed in the coming days. It has a single layer of strong foam inside, but will definitely protect it from bashes inside a bag.

    Ideally when finished this will suit most CSC and lens combos on the small end of the scale.

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  • Been pretty busy with stuff, and got a couple bruised ribs and a dodgy knee after the moshpit at Pitchshifter mid-week.

    Been lots of trial and error to get the correct pressure on cutting this reflective stuff. I’m mirroring the image and cutting from the reverse now, which works a lot better but means the backing on smaller pieces peels as it runs over multiple passes.

    Anyway, after testing and cutting so many ‘no’ stickers, I thought I’d have a little more fun...

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  • Super subtle safety-profantity-triangle

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  • Kinda cold out. Quick bandana from the silky soft ripstop.

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  • #nsfw I guess...


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  • Massive upgrade today, phew.

    After a cycle to collect some material, and hours of tidying and moving the workshop about, got a little more order in all the clutter.

    Next up was finally fitting a servo to the Pfaff industrial machine. Good job I did, turned out the original clutch motor was hanging on cracked mounts...!

    What a difference the servo makes, though. Nice and slow and steady and manageable, consistent. The jolt when starts will take a little time to learn, compared to the feathering on the pedal with the old motor...

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  • Ripstop scarf, from the incredibly silky olive-gold stuff... regular width

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  • Double “oh sheet it’s cold” width

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  • Scarves are getting used, and someone on-here just sent me this pic of their bike....

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  • From the EDC thread...

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  • Today’s test. Little watch pouch from glove leather. Bit wonky, machine didn’t like the texture. Will make more once I make some adjustments.

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  • Quick mock-up of a larger mtb/bmx/serious tool roll whilst chrimbo dinner cooks. Along the lines of, “new to bmx and no idea what tool I’ll need at the park”.

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  • Do the reflectoporn dicks come with a sticky back? Want

  • Reflecto-cocks are sticky backed yup!

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