Late to the mini velo party build!

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  • So it starts here.
    I sorted the seat while waiting for the train. The shims had been put in up the wrong way so it didnt matter what you did once tightened up it tipped forward.
    I sort of get why it had those bars in the context of riding round Dulwich park it made sence, but as soon as you wanted to ride hard they were horrid and if you turned too hard they hit your legs. I nicked the green gusset grips from my raleigh twenty which match the frame and the headset is also gusset.

    I had these bars hanging about, they are also the same make as the crank, much more comfortable but i will cut the ends off as they are too big, but cant make my mind up if i want the little bar ends or not? (cant remember what you call the bullhorn things).
    As always i normaly get myself into a world of hurt, i tried a raleigh record 37-451 tyre on the front as i noticed there was very little clearance between the caliper and the tyre. Well i wont be using them as the wheel wont turn if i did 🤔.

    The tyre it actually hitting the bottom of the fork. Nigel said he had these frames made? The rear has alot of clerance so bit confused. You can only use 28-451 tyres and these rims for them to not touch.
    So now my main aim is to get a 3 speed hub in the back, as it rides like a bmx gear wise. I have sturmey archer but the frame is too wide so my other option is the nexus hubs i have with the roller breaks. I think you can fit them without the roller brake. I just need to find someone who can lace it in?

  • Outside daylight shots with the ends cut off. Its a shame the shoulders on the bars are thicker as i think they might still be too wide but and it stops you moving the brakes further in. They will do though for the min. Just need some but ends.

  • How is it going on? Have you ride it ot how is the ride?

  • Ive only had chance to ride it a few times. But it rides great, it just needs a gear change as its about the same as a bmx gear so you are not going anywhere fast. I have a friend that is going to help build a 3 speed nexus hub into the back wheel.


    I wonder if anyonr has tried these tyres
    Im looking for an allround tyre (so not a slick) for the 20x1 1/8 rims (28-451) its a nightmare.

  • Schwalbe Shredda is a decent option. I´d go for that over the Ebay one.

  • Yeah they look good. Cant seem to find them in the UK?

  • Ahh i see. They need to be 20x 1 1/8

  • @munchh
    I like the Kenda Small Block 8 and have run them for a few years at 37-451 size.
    SJS seem to have the 28-451 your looking for:­-18-inch-28451-kenda-small-block-8-tyre-­20-inch-451/

  • I have them on a 24" bmx, do you not find them a bit noisy?

    Good option though.

  • I think i might have to try different wheels down the line so i can have a better choice of tyre.

  • Yes possibly a bit loud on tarmac, but they're drowned out for me by the ancient Sturmey Archer 3-speed transmission (this is on a butchered 1970s Dawes Kingpin shopper). And it gets most use on unsurfaced paths 'round my local nature reserve, anyway.

  • Single lever too keep the bars narrow and to be able to have gear shift the other side

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  • Shimano nexus 3 gear hub and hub brake

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    • 20190422_172811.jpg
  • Left the slimmer taller rim on the front as i just couldt find a front shimano nexus 20" so i could use a front hub brake. But its ok.

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  • Im pretty happy

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  • Its really good for on and off the train and I still get asked what it is. 😍

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Late to the mini velo party build!

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