Workshop tooling and equipment boast posts.

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  • Metric or imperial knurling?

  • Finished. Will probably re make when I have a proper band saw at new workshop, but it's straight and easily replicable for the boys, which was the main thing.

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  • 7mm end mill, at 30 degree intervals, 3mm inward cut.

  • Like big brass versions of the knobs I made for my truing stand. 10mm end mill, 90 degree intervals, inward cut somewhere between 'a bit' and 'a lot'.

  • Never looked at this forum before but found it super interestibg see what you all use to produce parts.

    My day to day job is as a cnc programmer and machinist, mainly on lathes. Do the odd bit on the mill too.

    I don't make any part for bikes but would be happy to share some knowledge and work with some of you guys if any interest at all.

    Looking to get into wheel building so if anyone here is a keen wheel builder that'd be cool


  • Just saw this, I'm sure you'll be getting harassed in due course :)

  • HLV-H in place and set up in new shop. Have used move as an excuse to put the original monster 2 speed 440v 3ph motor in, remove it from the board and wire in a VFD to the high speed winding, thus giving us far more and easier speed and direction adjustment. Will then run power feed and suds from the board as God intended.

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  • For anyone that cares the electrics in this thing are terrifying. All of the switching is magnetic/mechanical, it makes dc for the variac, there's spiders in here.....

    This thing really is a work of engineering mastery, and it's hard to imagine how cool it was when it was first released.

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  • Mine was rebuilt before I got it thank god.

  • Could you send photos /schemes of what it does for the pump and power feed?

  • I'll dig out the wiring diagram and see if that gives anything away. It does look like a map from the Goonies though.

  • Made a stand for the jig as well. Hopefully this means we can utilise different 'bays' for different tasks on each frame.

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  • Mobile everything!

    You & Caren could wear roller skates too....

  • mild thread de-railment, but I'm looking for someone in London who can machine a couple of flats on a shaft as per the drawing below...
    I'm happy to free-issue material if it helps - I'm thinking silver steel or 3-series stainless
    it needs to be done this week.

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  • Custom platen incoming.

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  • More.

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  • Tracking wheel/tensioner tower..

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  • tube notcher, ?

    edit how do I make it so people can see my name I have 3 logins all user 945678 or whatever number it generates how do I change it

  • Are there 2 or 3 main sizes of tube block that would make a good starting point for a tool kit?

    The Bicycle Academy set is pretty nice and is very comprehensive, I was going to ask my dad (he's a woodworker) if he could make me some as a christmas gift but would feel bad asking him to make me that many.

  • Ceeway sell individual ones. I seem to remember they're about £15 each.

  • Made a unocrown attatchement for my anvil seat stay fixture. Works OK, but top plate is not rigid enough. Am going to machine another top face for now, and when the other centec is back up and running will make a stand alone fixture.

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  • And finally finished belt sander, added lever for quick belt removal. Ceramic belts are terrifying, I can strongly reccomend making the swap.

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  • Just got confirmation that the Frame Jig I ordered from Framebuilding Academy is finally ready to be shipped.

    Time to get some workspace sorted!

  • Sweet. Have you had any other fixture previously?

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Workshop tooling and equipment boast posts.

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