Workshop tooling and equipment boast posts.

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  • Well, I've already got a BOC account for the argon bottle for my AC/DC non-pulse unit, so I reckon I'll just slap BOC up for another bottle. Or just share one between the two.

  • I bought some lanthinated tungstens a while back but I've not used them yet. I've used thoriated tungstens for steel until now, but Joe at Enigma recommend lanthinated.

  • theres a good diy/home use gas deal boc do, you need to mention its the 'volkszone' deal thing to a rep and they probably know what you're on about.

    its to compete with the rent free deals other people do. works out pretty good when I last looked in to it

  • Ah right, here’s me and @coldharbour thinking you’re just starting out. If you’ve got an AC/DC machine you’re using already you’re probably way better than me!

    Contrary to most YouTube vids, I’ve found a 3.5Hz pulse with about 30% background current to work nicely on mild steel and 4130.

  • The knob on my welder is broken, so I have no idea what settings I've been using for the last 6 months, during which I've changed them quite a bit. I really need to upgrade to a digi welder with saved pre-sets now there is multiple people using the welder, as, funny as the girly scream of someone getting caught out by unexpectedly high pulse rate is, it does cost us in fucked tubes!

  • Ah, not quite a beginner. I built this using TIG:

  • Liar. I have sent you things, I know you aren't called Georgia.

  • Only at weekends, darling.

  • Have been given a Rothenberger Roxy kit plus for christmas. Now I already have one so have no need for a second.


    5 nozzles.
    1 x 110 oxygen cylinder.
    1 x maxigas cylinder.

    Looking for offers around £150

  • And found a brand new pair of Draper red welding gauntlets £9

  • ahem I am here and have many tools I like

  • Cool. Get boasting then, lets see some photos!

  • Not a boast post per se, but more of a tool warning. I managed to get a fake flexi head for my CK torch off ebay, and it proved devilishly hard to diagnose what was going on. I would be welding, everything would be fine and then BAM out of nowhere contamination, soot, holes, the works. I ended up ruining a whole front triangle. I tried different cups, tungsten, even a new bottle of argon. What it turned out to be was the fake head brass attachment was either shit brass or too thin, and once the torch had heated up would expand, creating a gap which would allow air to be drawn into the lens. I only worked it out as there was nothing left to change. Expensive mistake, moral of the story is buy all CK stuff straight from r tech. Also, I had to apologise to staff members for acting like a two year old and shouting on and off for a whole afternoon at inanimate objects, which was very embarrassing.

    When it works, there's no better torch that I've used.

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  • Yeah weld looks sh*t m8. Better leave it to the pros.

  • My ajax mill with the chain stay fixture on blew up last week, so have had to move said fixture onto centec. Pushing the limits of the bed is putting it mildly, but with a new extra long arbor it just fits, by the skin of its teeth.

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  • Mike! What a pleasant suprise seeing you here ;)

  • Ayup Matt

    they had an ajax for sale at some spot in manc it was almost new

  • That REV 3 fixture you make look nice, decent price too

  • Made a fixture for ISP toppers. Still need to put notches on the brass nuts or gnurl them, but it holds stuff straight and pumps argon, so it will do for now.

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  • And some more photos.

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  • Morer

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Workshop tooling and equipment boast posts.

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