Workshop tooling and equipment boast posts.

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  • There seems to be no place to post tooling etc.. so here we are.

    I bought a very interesting bridgeport that was badly listed as a 'bridgebort miller' and was on a 3 day listing ending on a Wednesday afternoon. 250 quid, couldn't be tested under power and couldn't see before hand. It's taken a year to getting round to setting it up, but the motor is now rewired, going directly into a 240v 1 phase to 440v 3 phase inverter. All ancillaries will be replaced with single phase 240 also. It was once a hydraulic replicator, and would have had three heads on the vertical bed the current head sits on, which was one of the reasons I was really keen on it as it will allow a lot of flexibility. Plus the bed is massive.

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  • When the bed is back in you won't be able to get to the lathe, but no matter.

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  • Here is @moth helping to get it in. You'd be amazed what you can fit through a small door and down a step. Amazed and horrified.

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  • Its a big drill?

  • Nope, it traverses (on many axises).

    This is a big(ish) drill.

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  • Yep, can confirm that's a big drill.

  • for the 20th century engineering novices amongst would it be possible for each of these leviathans to be shown being used, clear of bits from other leviathans, sandwich boxes, pots of lube etc .... so we can see what they do

    biggish drill up there ^^ perfect
    we can all now see what the drill does and how it does it

  • Not a frame builder (yet) but here’s my Fobco 7eight. Mostly I’m into new stuff, but they really don’t build them like this anymore. Three phase motor makes a lovely purr.

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  • it traverses (on many axises).

    Um OK. So what do you use it for? Milling complex shapes or wut?

  • Internet boasting.

  • I imagine you would set 3 heads up and 3 billets on the bed, then machine one of them and have three finished pieces at the end.

  • Got it in one, billy no Mills.

  • Here is a great illustration of the (American made rather than adock one I have) mill in use.

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  • I'm going to use it for making tooling. At the moment I have 4 mills and can't use any of them for job machining as they are all set as fixtures. #1stworldproblems

  • ^^ Taken back when Michael Gove was a useful productive member of society

  • Ah I geddit. So the head/s are stationary and you move the bed around to machine out whatever shape you want. Replicates on the other heads depending on how many heads and how many had billets at the time.

  • Yeah, although it is long since dead as a method of manufacture. I also only have one head and none of the gubbins.


    Very cool. I'd rather a machine centre.

  • Got hse approved stickers for all the machinery...

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  • Beautiful :)

  • sweet....i haven't even got a vice in my new gaff :(

  • Unfortunately I'm not framebuilding (yet) but thought you lot might be interested in my modest setup. Excuse the mess, it's pretty hectic at the moment.

  • Looks rubbish. If you need me to do a workshop clearance just say, as a forum favour I won't charge for disposing of all the machines ;)

    Is that an HLV-H?

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Workshop tooling and equipment boast posts.

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