NEW 2010 Scott Addict RC - Small 52 cm

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  • Hello people of the interweb!
    For sale I have a 2010 Scott Addict RC in size Small - 52 cm.
    Was plannin on building this, but now I have different desires.

    Frameset is brand new - uncut seat tube and steerer.
    Frame is for press-fit BB86, but obviously you can use an adapter.
    Comes with a Ritchey seatpost clamp.
    Headset not included.
    Can make some more detailed pictures, if requested.

    Located in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Price is 500 pounds including postage.

    Let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any questions.

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  • Olha amigo eu tenho muito ainda está com ele...

  • Eu quero... vc ainda está com ele meu amigo...diga que sim.

  • Eu pago as 500 libras ... se ainda estiver com ele... me responda por favor...amigo se não vendeu o quadro...

  • Hey, sorry I have no idea what are you saying.
    The frame is still for sale, if that's what you're asking.

  • umm he's portuguese is as far as I got.

  • MarcosCavendish
    I pay as 500 pounds ... I still have contact ... please answer me ... friend not sold on the board ...

  • Yea frame is NOT SOLD, but I don't really see how we can do this. :D

  • You can be sure that you have already sold the board ... I am going to pay the amount you requested at the beginning of the annulment 500 pounds ... now you have to give me your word that the guadro is mine ... you can have more photos for me ... with you said is comes with game bb86 or just frame and fork even ...

  • Do not talk ... please, please, be calm ...

  • hi, my name is Ricardo, MarcosCavendish's brother. You can talk to me how we do this.

    Can we pay by paypal or credit card, right?
    My question is: How much cost shipping to Brazil? Is it better to shipping to here directly or shipping by

    My address: 57040-130 Rua joana rodrigues, Maceio/AL-BR

    just to know.

    My brother is searching this frameset for so long time that you have no ideia. We have the money to make deal now.

    Thank you for your time

  • Ok I will check about postage to Brazil.
    Payment by PayPal will be the best option.

  • Тhere's a slower and faster option for posting.
    The slower one is 50 pounds from Bulgaria to Brazil.
    The faster one is 80 pounds.

  • Yes of course... Lol. Good luck!

  • This is intense! How will it end? Will Ricardo’s brother get the frame that he’s been searching for all these years, or will the cost of international postage be too great too bear?

  • I'm rooting for Cavendish (Marcos).

    I'm sure the Addict is a great piece of modern engineering. I wonder if it would make me as happy as it would make Marcos Cavendish?

  • Hi Nickowalla. Is Ricardo again.

    We'll pay 500 pounds + 80 pounds o shipping.

    describe what coming with frameset?
    Please declare the product below $200 dollars, ok?!

    It could be delay a little bit to make a transfer [there is a huge burocracy here] but for us the deal is closed!

    Nickowalla, it is closed for you too?
    I need a answer, please

  • "I wonder if it would make me as happy as it would make Marcos Cavendish?"

    If so it's a snip at the price.

    Another twist in the fable of the Addict.... Baited breath all round

  • A very great sacrifice ... more thanks to GOD ... is very close to being fulfilled ... pastry_bot.

  • I don't really know how serious this is, but if you paypal the cash - I will surely send you the frame.
    It's frame + fork and Ritchey seat clamp.
    All new, never built.

  • I am going to pay ... now I need the link to make the payment .... with PayPal card of the value of 580 pounds ... I am waiting ,,, blz ...

  • Sounds genuine to me. A Mark Cavendish fan looking to recreate a team Colombia Highroad replica bike! They were beautiful bikes.

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NEW 2010 Scott Addict RC - Small 52 cm

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