2017-10-12 - Rider down, @spotter in Kentish Town

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  • Jack was involved in an incident yesterday. Details are unclear at the moment. As @swedeee has mentioned his bike is currently missing too.

    He is in UCH with broken ribs, finger, teeth and is having facial reconstruction today. Also suffering concussion and amnesia.

    If you'd like to visit please drop me a pm and I can pass you his partners contact details, this is to ensure he isn't overwhelmed and that people arrive during visiting hours.

  • maybe small group visit could be done. PM sent

  • Sounds absolutely awful. I’ll be thinking of ya Jack. Heal up soon mate

  • Wishing for some superfast healing!

  • Hoping that some nice witness on the scene has his bike.

  • Oh God, that sounds worse than when first reported. Thinking of you, Jack.

  • Any details of where and when this happened?

    And that sounds horrifying and very painful. Heal up Jack, hope the surgery goes smoothly (and that the drugs are good).

  • Kentish Town, cycling home from work is all that's been posted so far. So probably around 5:30-6:30pm assuming he works 9-5.

  • fucking hell, pm incoming.

  • Heal up Jack.

    Have asked everyone at my work in K town to keep an eye out for the bike.

  • Can we figure out where it happened from 999 records and ambulance call-outs yesterday for RTIs in the Kentish Town area.

  • Sounds really horrible. Wishing a speedy recovery, very glad it wasn't worse.

  • Heal up son Spotter. If we can get a time and location would it be worth getting a request for CCTV footage in?

  • Best wishes to spotter.

  • oh man, very sad to hear this! Quick recovery mate !

  • put an FOI request in? http://www.londonambulance.nhs.uk/freedo­m_of_information.aspx

    Heal up soon Jack, sounds awful :/

  • Don't know spotter personally but love following his CdF thread. Really hope he heals up soon and will keep an eye out for the bike. Would be really kicking a man when he's down to lose that on top of everything else. Best wishes.

  • Jack is out of surgery and his partner is going in to check up on him. He may even be discharged soon.

  • Wishing Jack a swift and complete recovery.

    I’m not sure if I know him but this is probably down to my head plant a few years ago.

    Those of you that do, go and visit him when he’s discharged and ready. I’m sure he’ll really appreciate it.
    I know I did when the norths lot dropped in on me.

    *note removed as it had phone numbers

  • Currently out looking for the orange machine. Maybe a fruitless task. But I’d want the same if I was in jacks position.

    Heal up soon sptr

  • spotter will be out of hospital today :-) but he is still in a very bad way. still currently trying to find paramedics notes regarding the crash etc.

  • Latest Instagram post suggests he didn’t break his sense of humour

  • His parents are with him which suggests either last rites or he's absolutely fine. Judging by his request for a sponge bath I'll presume the latter until proven otherwise.

    @swedeee and co, let us know if you need anything arranged.

  • Very sorry to read about this, let me know if I can be of any help.

    Can someone direct me to a picture of the bike so I can keep an eye out for it?

  • such awful news. All the best wishes and love from Emma and I

    Will keep a keen eye for the bike up here in North

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2017-10-12 - Rider down, @spotter in Kentish Town

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