Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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  • @v11boy really appreciate that! BB turned up, cleaned it up, came up an absolute treat! Pretty much as close as you can get to NOS, with out actually being NOS.

    Cycled to the LBS on my break with pure excitement, tested for fit before I left and was perfect! Fucking grand stuff.

  • About time! I usually don't even own a bike this long 😉

  • Haa, to think they guy I initially brought it off nearly had it stolen from his garage before he was able to send it to me. I think I might start sweating when they call me to finally say it's finished.

  • Wow you’re definitely winning the prize for the most faff involved with a bike build, thankfully it’s looking like its gonna be sexy as fuck

  • Finally happened:

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  • I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with it. So rich in the flesh and the contrast turned out great. Came out a 9kg too, which for a 58cm / 59cm frame I thought was great!

  • Sooooo nice.

  • Wonderful!!

    I'd shorten the rear brake cable a bit though. As it is it pushes down on the brake.

  • More details:

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  • Love the seat cluster.

    Thanks very much @Drakien

    @anidel Yeah true, I will make a few adjustments, did ask them to put the cables underneath the bar tape initially but don't want to wait anymore. Rapidly rode it home for fear of being caught in the rain! Haven't adjust fit properly yet either.

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  • Possibly mentioned in this thread before, but the tail-end of the Wiki page for EB says...

    "It traded for eighty years before it went into its first term of liquidation in 2016. A management buyout failed and the firm entered into voluntary liquidation in May 2018."

    (the frame looks lovely... glad it's all been resolved!)

  • Absolutely stunning. Great work.

    I never did get back to you with my Ellis Briggs experience. I actually wrote out a full post listing all my gripes but in the end I deleted it. I couldn't bring myself to bad mouth them all over the internet as I don't think Paul (the owner) is a bad guy I just think he really, really needs someone to be running the shop and for him and his mechanic to focus on the workshop side. Communication and organisational skills levels are hovering around zero.

    They are still in business - although I don't see how they can make any money - the liquidation in May was to get out of a bad rental deal and they moved a few shops along.

  • Such a well executed build. Add some toe clips and it’s done!

  • That’s just so nice.

  • @vilms5000 Yes as @nonowt mentioned I believe they are still trading and now even offering frame building courses! Not sure how they've got time to add even more to their operation, although I think it's good to get anyone making something by hand. I do think that Paul genuinely loves his bikes, he's got a fair bit of detail about builders on the classic side of things, but his service, genuine concern for customers and attention to detail is invisible. It's a real shame.

    Anyhow, really appreciate all the positive feedback on the finish! Hoping some strong wind blow all this weather out the window so I can have a proper ride out there!

  • Lovely build, looks more like a museum piece than a bike to ride! Hope the first proper ride is as good as it looks

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Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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