Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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  • I have to say that I totally disagree.
    There is no logic to what you are suggesting imo. @JesperXT and a lot of other OCD type forumgers will back you up, but...
    If you change chainring size your decals won't be center anymore and it will always look weird from the NDS.
    In my mind it should be center to center, although not as you show it. Instead center of bb to center of where down tube meets head tube.
    Seat tube should be center bb to center of toptube/seatube junction.
    The DUELL decal you are referring to is not centered at all, it is too low and therefore can't be used as evidence imo.
    On very small bikes the decals should just be smaller to fit tubes, which should also be smaller because lower rider weight etc..

    I guess I am perceiving the bicycle as a complete 3D object, where your idea of decal placement suggests that you only perceive bikes in a flat side view picture plane.


    FYI: this rant is targeted primarily at @JesperXT :)

  • Also, the decals are in the center between the fades. as they should. If you would move the decals higher it would just disrrupt the balance and create more problems for the OCD guys :)

  • I think this looks amazing. That Duell is an extreme example.

    Btw - I’d completely wreck the spirit of what you’re planning to do by fitting Dura Ace and deep sections to this.

  • Agree, looks super nice. Just get on with your build so you can finally enjoy this!

  • There's surely more than one way of doing this, and as your rightly say it's a matter of perception so different people will register it differently. I admit my perception is mostly influenced by what is seen on Mercians, Bob Jacksons, Raleighs, Joe Bell's work, and so on. I don't find this weird on NDS, for example, but I understand people might.

    @user80495 apologies for starting this, bike looks lovely

  • So its being sent as it is due to the main things being that it won't be symmetrical with the fades if altered as you say and then will look more out of place even if it is marginally now.

    @%~} Nothing wrong with Dura Ace, also a fan of that but if I went Japanese I would be tempered to go for Suntour Superbe-Pro!

    @russmeyer Indeed!

    No problem! @ough

  • Nice name @D-Dog!

  • @mashton Ha, thanks. Was just the first thing I thought of but was really thinking I might change it to Deadeye Duck:

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  • Cool. Do it and set your avatar pic appropriately?

  • I'll try and keep this brief... etc.

    Your story is actually ridic. Reminds me of that no quarter joker... No idea how you actually have waited so long to get the frame. Looking forward to seeing this built up.

  • @BigH It has truly tested me I assure you! If it wasn't so far away I would have physically taken it back ages ago but has I don't drive getting anywhere close to Leeds would cost me about £80 which I will never get back.

    Also I guess I thought that being patient would kind of be rewarded but instead I was just completely ignored.

    Cant wait to start getting some silverware on there!

  • Brakes arrived today. Were in fairly good condition but with scratches through out. Cleaned up pretty well! Other one tomorrow.

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  • Took these photos on my Samsung SII, not bad for a phone thats 7 years old!!

  • And so it finally returns...

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  • .

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  • Oh, that's nice!
    How does it feel?

  • Yeah feels good! Headset's bit scratched though and I know I didn't send it like that. Either they lost mine and got another or scratched it fitting it. I know I've got a photo of it in parts somewhere, trying to find it for comparison.

  • .

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  • Despite all that's gone wrong, the paint job is amazing. You have to be pleased with it, right?

  • Oh yeah I absolutely love it!

  • Due to me waiting a long time and not having completed a build by myself, also lacking all the appropriate tools for the job, the frame and parts are up my local bike shop. Looking forward to the result. More parts:

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  • has your LBS kidnapped it now?

    Interesting to read your experience of EB. I had pretty much the same problems. Dropped off a 1953 Ellis Briggs frame in person last October and was told it should be ready for around Xmas - I finally got it back in May! During all that time they never called or emailed me once! …It's taking all my self restraint not to hijack your thread with my own EB rant, so instead I'll go back on topic: any pictures of the KC built up? We need closure!

  • Only just discovered this thread, good lunchtime read, beautiful components, lovely frame, interesting decal placement chat... Thank you!

  • @nonowt Well I definitely feel your pain! They're utterly useless! Please feel free to vent. They said they'd refund me and I called up, emailed, never got a penny.

    So as for the current status, it's sat on wheels up at the LBS still. They took 2 months to get started on it, then they called me saying the mixture of cups / axle I had left no space for the lock ring. I've spent a while hunting for the correct setup, couple of wanted posts on here with no luck and scouring eBay. Moved house in amongst all this as well so it's been a bit mental.

    Finally brought something yesterday which should be all good!! Then I will be showering this page with photos.

    @veLLo Glad you're enjoying the journey!

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  • Looking forward to the final photos!!

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Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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