Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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  • @anidel Haa, gent!

  • Bob Jackson also got in contact as promised. Excellent company.

    Kindly ask that people don't call them and state that they do work for Ellis Briggs as the guy was really helpful to me but kindly asked to keep that information lowkey.


  • I wish I'd written an update on here months ago. It all finally seems to be working! I have images of the frame and a response from Paul!

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  • Response:

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    • Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 22.15.16.png
  • I thought the lugs were to be lined?

  • @mashton My apologies should read drop outs, instead of lugs. These were done in black last time, so are correct this time.

  • Was specified to him in the email I sent, just that it still comes underlining as to say I don't want any part actually sprayed white.

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  • I'm sorry if I'm raining on your parade, you must be excited to finally see the result, and the paint looks lovely. But I'd say it's worth having a look at the positioning of the downtube decal, just to make sure it's not too low.

    I see a lot of people respraying bikes and placing the decal bang in the middle of the downtube (top drawing), but to my eyes that looks badly out of place once the build is complete. I'd assume that an optically centred look should prob offset the radius of the crank, at least (bottom).

    I see that your original photoshop mockup had the decal at a higher position than where it ended up.

    Of course, the other way of looking at it is that the position is fine, it's just the angle of the pic, these guys are professionals, and I'm just some random person on the internet.

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  • To put it another way, if I had this (nice) bike I wouldn't be able to look at it without thinking 'that decal is too low':

  • A VERY good point indeed! One which I had overlooked in my excitement and I totally agree. I will get him to send a side on shot to me and send also the image you posted! I agree that I do have also thought this in the past and I think it happens on frame like mine and track frames more as they don't have any bosses which some times provides more of an accurate guide.

    Many thanks @ough

  • Phew, glad you took it in good spirit, was wary of coming across as a tit

  • I think the decals can’t be moved once put on and (probably) with a layer of lacquer on top.

    But glad my finger crossing worked! :)

  • I would then redact the messages wrote so far as on here it’s not really low-key at all ;)

  • 6 months! I hope you aren’t paying them anything for this?

  • @anidel Yeah I know they won't be able to be adjusted under the clear coat. I have asked for a side view shot of the frame to get a better idea and sent photos of other frames they have done were the down tube decal is indeed higher as Ough mentioned.

    Yeah it's difficult for me as I want people to know that information as it's better for the good company to get the business and avoid the other if that makes sense with out mentioning more names!

  • @sacredhart This is 6 months after I sent it back to them! Overall it's probably about 10 months. Said he would give me a full refund but will have to see if that actually pans out.

  • @ough Mmm?? Think it might be okay...

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  • Crank mock:

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  • I think the suggestion is that the decal be centred between the upper end of the down tube and where the end of the crank reaches to when parallel to the downtube.

    It is not in that mock up.

  • Also, please change your username!

  • Yas! Looks great, I'd be happy with that. Fingers crossed they come through with a refund, otherwise you could look into getting the charge reversed via your bank.

  • @mashton Well when the photos when initially sent Ough just mentioned that he thought it might be off and then when I reviewed it I potentially thought the same so I asked them to send me a photo with a crank mocked up as if it was attached to get an idea if it was too close to the bottom bracket end but I think it looks okay??

    Also how does one go about alter the robotic username??

    Many thanks.

  • @Drano Thanks very much for the support! Appreciate your advice, I will let you know how it goes!

  • Also how does one go about alter the robotic username??

    Wherever your username appears on the webpage, it is actually a clickable hyperlink to your profile page.

    Click it.

    Then use the menu (via a button if viewed on a small screen) on the right to edit the profile and change your username.

    You can also upload a little user picture, or avatar, in the same way.

  • And yeah, I think it looks OK too.

    If I ever get a frame sprayed and decals put on, I'll be bearing this in mind, mind.

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Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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