Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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  • Hey!

    So I have finally made a commitment to sorting my bike out. Parts have been laying here and there, under my bed and so on for many years now. Got back from travelling for a few months and promised myself I'd get it sorted by the end of the year.

    Frame is a Keith Coppell in Reynolds 531sl.

    I have sent it to be resprayed and have added a mock of the colour scheme, photoshops finest skills only. Thought I'd mix it up with a flamboyant blend, compared to the solid enamel for most of these frames.

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  • Parts coming together. Mixture of Campagnolo parts, mainly nuovo record and super record, not sure which rear derailleur to opt for yet, mostly likely super record. Saddle will be a generic genesis just to take off a bit of weight from the Cinelli one I have.

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  • Wheels are Mavic Open CD, with Campagnolo triomphe or athena hubs, can never distinguish between them, with Rubino pro III's. Shimano old 600 ch 5 speed freewheel, but may switch to a Suntour pro-pro-compe.

  • So the frame has arrived back and it's got loads wrong with it so I'm sending it straight back!

    Wrong colour, wrong lug lining colour and entirely wrong headset that was not even mine! Sent a Campag one to be fitted, removing an old black Tange model. They fitted an entirely different Tange chromed model and didn't return the original, not impressed.

    Shall wait and see if this is all fully rectified.

  • Damn, did you take a picture of the new (wrong) colour?

  • Benotto Bar Tape. Not sure if it'll actually stick it's so old.

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  • No I didn't actually. Was just a bit pissed as I paid with delivery and the headset swap £265, which I know its anything crazy but after waiting 7 weeks or more was not impressed with the lack of attention to detail. Guy was apologetic and seemed fine with sorting out the problems but again just more waiting. Really wanted to get it built up before all the sun disappears which won't happen now.

  • Bars - Cincelli Campione Del Mondo, with Cinelli Oval Milano stem, 110mm if I remember right.

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  • Ricola in the background because everyone at work has made me ill.

  • nice build !
    hope they rectifies quickly !

  • Many thanks:)

  • Managed a deal on these guys, may be the best eBay purchase I've ever made! Mavic MA40's with Campagnolo Super Record small flange hubs, DT spokes, completely untouched and true as you like. Gave them a real quick clean and they look brand new. These will be replacing the Open CD 4's / Athena / Chrous potentially as they're more relevant to the rest of the groupset.

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  • Due to the utter ball bag Paul Gibson at Ellis Briggs stillll not delivering my frame back I have pretty much accumulated a whole Super Record groupset in the meantime. Praying that I get it back soon.

    I would 100% never recommend Ellis Briggs to anyone on this forum. The respray work is carried out by Bob Jackson anyway and they have been nothing but excellent trying to get this whole thing back on track. I would totally recommend going to them directly and avoiding Ellis Briggs all together.

    Never been fed so much bullshit in all my life.

    Some shiny parts:

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  • .

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  • I promise never to approach Ellis Briggs if I can avoid it. What a turd sandwich, 6 months???

  • You're gonna hate me but that original orange was fine.

  • @Skülly @ough That's fair enough, totally welcome to your opinion! Definitely more yellow than orange though.

    @russmeyer Seriously don't go near them. I've had so many issues. I'll try and keep this brief.

    • Sent frame back and asked politely if it could be prioritised due to the initial problems. Agreed and said no problem.

    • Called after about three weeks just to check up on progress, usually happy just to wait as I did initially but due to the problems wanted to keep track. Was told it was at the painters being sorted. Cool. Asked if he could just call or email to keep me updated, yep will do.

    Another two - three weeks go by. No call, no email. Called, still at the painters being sorted, will be back by Friday. Sweet. (Also told that it's not a quick process and people think we just spray a frame and send it straight back to the customer. Yeah, in the wrong colour with the wrong components fitted. Twat.)

    Another two - three weeks. Still no contact. Called multiple times, Paul Gibson, owner, not available. Left messages, never called back.

    This goes on for months. When I get through I'm told it's there, they have it all done. Fitting headset, will then post, with email tracking details. Excitment brews.

    About 10 days later, still nothing. Told yeah it's being picked up today! Ummm, so what happened last time?? They had lots on, wasn't scheduled.

    Week later. No frame. Told that the frame had to go back as they forgot to lug line it. With me next week. Really feeling the quality come into it's own now.

    Weeks pass. Told that frames be lug lined but can't be picked up as his car, van or whatever a man of this statute drives isn't working. Told him this is an absolute fucking joke explaining all the issues regarding above. Had the cheek to tell me that I just didn't like the colour??!! Even though I agreed to the colours in the invoice that they sent me, along with the masking and lug lining colours. Which I resent to prove my point. One of these was not the colour on my frame.

    Told, it's all done after more time and being sent. Never arrives.

    • I set a date for delivery and said if it's not there by then I'm taking it further. Yeah, yeah, will be done. Kicked off and they agreed to refund my money. Still haven't.

    You know the score. Frame never arrives. I start drafting a letter to take them to court.

    • Phoned Bob Jackson's. Asked if they remember spraying a Keith Coppell. Felt cheeky asking to be honest as it's not their problem but the guy was super understanding. After describing, he does recall it being done. Quoted the time for the original respray. I asked if it ever came back? Asked the painter and he said it was the only Keith Coppell he'd ever painted so definitely remembers it and no it never came back. Said if frames come back for touch ups like lining and so on this is not logged but any full resprays are always logged. Never went back. Even nice enough to offer to call Paul and get back to me but I said no as they haven't caused me any greif.

    Phoned. Again told me it's sorted, will be delivered. Asked for photos as proof. Emailed them and it was exactly the same as it went back only that they'd lug lined thr whole frame in black which was AGAIN completely wrong. Does this guy even read the emails and invoices he sends out??

    Told him I know it never went back. He told me it had been back. Said I'd already called Bob Jackson as he didn't know I knew they did the resprays and said "Oh don't know why they said that. I said, "It's still the same colour mate..."

    Kept asking me "Well what do you want??" Umm, kind of what I paid for.

    Phoned Bob Jackson the next day. Guy said, "Oh it's strange, that frame you called about, turned up to today"

    Fucking praise the lorddd.

    Guy was also nice enough to say that if I email Bob Jackson with my details he will email me back as soon as the frame leaves their premesis.

    Time scales may be slightly inaccurate due to this going on for soo long. If anything the times are longer than I've quoted.

    Sorry, this isn't breif at all either. Nice to get it out the system though. Gives the guys at work a break, ha.

  • Fucking hell. Hope you get what you want, and that you can still enjoy the bike after all this.

    Tks for sharing as well, good to know.

  • @ough Appreciate that. Just wish I'd gone to Bob Jackson's from the word go as they've been so helpful, have a much wider colour selection and are very close price wise anyway.

    They told me that Paul sends a lot of work through them and visits pretty much every week as well, they don't have the space on their own site anymore.

    Asked a guy that had a Bob Jackson respray from them for his own Bob Jackson on the forum here the timescale for the job. Said it was resprayed, lug lined and cold set in 4 weeks. I said this on the phone to him and he said that was correct, currently running on a timescale of 4 - 5 weeks.

    Hope this helps others avoid all this hassle.

    All the best!

  • user80495 isn't very catchy so I suppose once you figure out how you'll be choosing a different username. May I suggest 'Ellis Briggs are cunts'?


    Are you taking some sort of legal action against them? Hope you can put this behind you soon and get on with the build!

  • What a mess. Hope you get the frame back.

  • Soooo out of all the days I decide to add to my initial post this email comes through just now!

    Awaiting photos...

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  • @Jonny69 Many thanks Jonny. Looks like I'm finally get somewhere!

  • Crossing all the available fingers in all the available combinations!

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Keith Coppell - 531SL - Super Record

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