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  • Defeet Woolie Boilies + Specialized Defrosters. It has been me go to combo since forever.
    It was -1 yesterday so if anything it was a bit warm actually.

  • Our local trail builders had been out sweeping the trails over the weekend. They were perfect.

  • Hope you don't mind the questions but I was thinking about this the other day.

    These renders look great. Apart from visuals, do they offer any benefit?

    Presumably you are modelling the frame and components in some 3D/ CAD software - which one? And do you need to manually define and extrude all the tube sections, or can you import geometries from catalogs?

    And also, that top tube - off the shelf or custom formed?

  • Love answering stuff. No worries.

    CAD modelling and rendering is a part of my process. Aesthetics are important to me and I feel I can guage the outcome much better being able to view my work as a visualisation render before committing to anything.
    I also expect this will be my thing compared to other framebuilders. Customer will get a pretty precise idea of what they are getting.
    Wheels are off Grab CAD website but everything else I draw up in Rhino. Dropouts and stuff for CNC machining I model in Fusion 360.

    All tubes are drawn up based on Columbus and Reynolds drawings if they are special (s bend stays for example) or I need to check clearances. So that top tube for example is a Columbus Max modelled after a drawing.
    I draw tubes up uncut and have an archive of modelled tubes so it's easy to make a bike design by importing tubes and placing according to geometry line drawing

  • Are you planning to move your workflow to Fusion 360 entirely?
    I appreciate there'll be a learning curve to drawing the tube profiles, but I think it would simplify your workflow keeping it all in one software suite.

  • .

    Double post

    Here's a photo

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  • Not currently. I can't see what Fusion offers me in terms of sketching and measurements that rhino doesn't already does. I am soooo quick in Rhino it doesn't matter with parametrics I think 🤔


  • I understand your reasoning and it's a good point.
    I think parametrics are mostly an advantage if you do loads of iterations on a part level - i.e. drop outs and other details, whereas the tube profiles are to spec.

    Coming from and engineering background I am partil to parametric modelling and how easy it is to create part drawings in Fusion/Inventor.

  • Really interesting, thanks. I haven't used Rhino since I had access via an old job. Might be able to get it through my University...
    I'm saying this as an engineer who is shortly going to take a framebuilding class. I've previously figured out my geometry with the free version of bikecad. However it would be interesting to take this a bit further.

    By the by, I thought I remembered seeing similar pre-production renders (or actually hand-drawn art) by Tomii Cycles, but I'm struggling to find an example now so perhaps I misremembered.

  • Thank god I’m geotechnical and therefore don’t use Rhino. In my head I’ve now got a weird grasshopper script visualised to do parametric modelling with some sliders for setting up geometry…

  • Oh yeah that's definitely also a possibility. I just don't care enough to get techy.

    You even need Rhino to make a nice frame

  • Yes Tomii does coloured drawings.

  • s bend stays for example

    what's your process? Bend, flow along curve, something else?
    I've found my results to be somewhat unreliable.

  • I draw up the lines based on the dimensions. The curves comes from "fillet" function using the described radiuses. That becomes my "rail". Then i draw the ellipses or circles along the curve as descruin the drawing and finally I "sweep1" along the "rail". Works absolutely fine for me.

  • Ah yes, brainfart, sweep rail is what I meant.
    Need to step up my game then.
    Any tips on getting nice non-linear cross-section tapers, as in chainstays?

  • Also meant to ask. Would such a CS-Dropout miter be structurally sound?
    Sorry to hijack.

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  • Yes I believe that would be alright, but given that the DS dropout is supposed to pinch I would let the mitres be more concentric to the dropout radius. Also it's prettier IMO

  • Not sure what you mean other what I've just written down. Next time I have to do a complicated tube I'll screen grab it and make a YouTube video of it

  • When I saw this frame when you first posted it I didn't realise how versatile it was. Excited for when you start working down the list of people you're making frames for and get to me :)

  • <3

    Trying to get my ducks in a row and streamline stuff. Selling stuff and buying tools currently.
    Hopefully I will be able to build more efficiently from Feb when my teaching contract ends.

    @nogk this reminds me I sold the Marin I am afraid. But it's going to Stockholm and you are a Swede as well right? So could let him know you'd want it if he wants to pass it on.

  • As a member of UCU I’m an avowed opponent of fixed-term contracts in HE, but in this case I’ll make an exception ;)

  • I have no clue what you just said

  • Hulsroys all academic future framebuilders Hustle...

  • Universities and Colleges Union is currently on strike due to (among other things) lack of job security in Higher Education caused by fixed term contracts

  • I have a meeting with my labs new professor on Friday. She's into the idea of me doing a PhD which I've been hovering around since 2013. So maybe I can make in academia after all :)

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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