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  • Agreed. I think I could fix it, but as we are looking into actually producing these in batches I should be able to do it again, better and faster.
    So, I'll just take some deep breaths and get back to it on Tuesday.

  • And! It would work fine with a spacer stack so I'll probably be able to find a home for it

  • Have you tried getting the bar clamp around the bend in some drops?

  • Yes. Ergo bends even

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  • Nice, it was a nightmare on some carbon compacts on a stem I made with similar size clamp

  • Did you chamfer the clamp?

  • I chamfered it in that I rounded the edges but I didn't file a relief, both sides were square

  • I don’t think it’s really a bodge. Currently the bottom support looks a bit…excessive compared to the rest.

  • could you salvage it if you cut the tube off and brazed on a flat tab instead?

  • Sort of. But access to the bolt will still be tricky with a massive head tube and the stem completely slammed.

  • I'll probably be able to find a home for it

    forum begins sweating

  • I didn't mean to say that what your are suggesting is a bodge. I could definitely fix it and I still might. But currently I think I will just do it again all over and learn some more 🤩

  • Yes! Quite a lot of hours went into this. It isn't perfect but still very usable if someone wants it and has a bit of a spacer stack.

    I can arrange paint and @tijmen has said he is happy to make a nice bag for it. So get in touch if you want it. If not I will use the stem for the AWOL folding monster rando project!

  • Speaking of which here are te solutions I am currently thinking about. Still very crude sketches but you get the idea.


    Yellow is English ripoff pink is sort of what I can imagine will be easy to make and pretty sturdy while also being a great yoke for big tyres

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  • nth dibs etc.

  • Yes exactly. Very inspired by @oulufixed 's on one pompino

  • Sniper pm is just three minutes quicker. I'll let you know if that doesn't happen.

  • I thought this was a neat idea.

  • That's smart. Especially if you want some single speed chain tension action.
    I wonder if it flexes a bit when putting the hammer down?

    I have been working on a telescopic ovalised tube idea that also allows for chain tension. I'll get a photo of my early stage prototype on Sunday.

    There's also Hunters as yoke thing which is smart but a lot of work i imagine

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  • Oh nice.
    I’m going to cut up an old track frame to see if I can fit it in a wheel bag better and then work out how to put it back together. At the moment to get it in I have to remove the forks. With a few bolts to the rear triangle there would be less chance of me losing something.

  • Can't wait to make this youtube video

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  • Not sure exactly where this is going but it is a joyful process

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  • Some of the early Mone's had the sort of a setup. Could look quite clean if you get it right.

  • Yes. That's cool. My thinking is that an ovalised tube will prevent rotation better.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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