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  • I know we all have our struggles and it's kind of hard to stay brave and optimistic these days. In addition to all your great builds and bike related stuff here the complete thread is just so wholesome to read.
    Just dropped by to thank you!

  • Thanks man. Really appreciate it.

  • Awesome day out with my best friend

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  • Good off road loop at Trelde Næs with almost zero elevation. Perfect for that MTB day trip feels

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  • Love the bottom photo, not sure which is my favourite part, the segmented fork, the coastal path, your best friend’s look of concentration or the purple risers.

    Looks magical

  • Big orange slug GTFO

  • Lovely.

  • Thanks all.
    Really nice that it's cooled down a bit these days. Last week was really hard getting outside.

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  • Got my dad some new tyres and sorted the bike a bit. It gets less and less use but it still rides nicely and fresh tyres made it look good again

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  • One fresh asf dad bike

  • That rust is bumming me out though..

  • It's not rust, it's patina .

  • It's parked outside all year around under a roof but exposed to the environments.
    Because of my dad's Parkinsons they sold their nice big house years ago and moved to this semi-detached. But the shed is too small to fit bikes and the garage solution seems like an afterthought.
    I have actually designed a communal shed for the estate and I did solar analysis for them (my mum and dad) to help them prove it was a good idea for everybody and didn't conflict with anyone's garden. But it wasn't possible to get every single resident a bike parking spot so the project was cancelled.

  • I managed to pull myself out of bed early this morning. Maybe it was one time only, maybe it was the beginning of something good.

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  • Deep clean before putting on a fresh drive train some time soon hopefully.

    Still love my bags.

    Currently on a 26x2.5" rear.

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  • 15km MTB before fam got up

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  • lush

  • Wheels arrived

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  • Wheels set up tubeless and crank bolts stripped from red ano and polished up.
    I'll setup drive train tomorrow as much as possible but waiting for the proprietary BB tool to complete the build.
    Wheels came with 12mm endcaps front and rear and I need 15mm for the front so waiting for that to arrive as well.

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  • Here's a little sneak peek. I think the colours are nice together but I'll choose a different colour for powder when I get rid of the linseed oil paint. See attached mood board

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  • Gonna look so nice & autumnal with the new paint, bars & tanwalls.

    The yoke & monostay are just so good.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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