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  • Thanks man. It was a bit of a concern actually. But it has come together nicely I think and it was piss easy to sand compared to clusters with single chainstays

  • Is there a downside to yokes like that?

  • Compared to what?

    I mean it is expensive to machine. There is wasted material (80% becomes swarf/chips) and time cycle per unit is quite a lot so they end up being expensive because quantity is also low.

    Alternative is to do single sided yokes or a simpler flat bars style yokes.

    I like flat bar yokez. But they are not always enough. If you compare my yoke design to eg. Cobra's sidewinder used on both ds and nds I think mine is the prettier solution.

    But to achieve short stays with big tyres and relatively big chain rings while also keeping a certain aesthetic i think this is a cool solution.

  • Great minds think alike! Although I was joking...

  • I know this from experience. A while back I spent most of an afternoon MIG welding wearing gauntlets but with a T shirt on. Really prickly red arms for a few days after that.

  • Just compared to regular chainstay/ bb cluster. Right so the work to produce the yoke vs bending and dimpling chainstay tubing. I think yours looks cool and really clean, and very organic vs other yokes, but appreciate it's expensive for teh reasons you outline.

  • For most bikes dimpling is fine but 2.4" tyres and short chainstays mean you need a yoke

  • How short have you gone?

    Sorry if I've missed that somewhere

  • I can't remember now. 425 I think.
    But yoke is designed for 2.4" tyre, 420mm axle distance and 42t chainrings.
    It's designed for the stayer gravel bikes

    EDIT: 428mm is the length I ended with

  • Last bits of rear triangle brazed up!
    Now soak time and then braze ons and final sanding - then paint tests

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  • I caught up on the last 10-or so pages and my conclusion is that you're still the best at what you do

  • Thank you 💕

  • Something nice for myselfish

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  • V nice. I want one :)

  • Working my ass off to finish this thing before the baby arrives

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  • That mega downtube is so hot

  • Thanks. It is a bit out of the normal. 44.5mm tandem downtube was all I could fine that was long enough.

  • Solid metal descending machine

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  • Custom brass washer is *chef's kiss

  • you are amazing. That is so beautiful.

  • Plus one on that downtube is very hot!

  • Looking forward to adding this to the SSMTB thread!

  • Thank you all.

    @BareNecessities I am afraid it will start out as 1x10 but late October it should become ss.

  • Truly @Hulsroy that looks superb. Hope to hear positive reports of the first ride.

    I do have one thought: would a curved chainstay/seatstay disc brake brace further enhance the aesthetics?

  • Yes. That's is my fave too. But I needed the space to mount a M5 bolt to work the chain tension and a straight tube gave me the smallest size possible will still having space for the bolt plus the bike being pretty porky I wanted to use as thin walled a tube as possible so opted for a bit of fancy seatstay cutoff instead of a thicker gauge that would allow me to bend it.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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