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  • Re tyres for the rando. I can't quite get the Strade Bianches clean unfortunately.
    So I will buy new one. The question is, will I feel slower on a pair of 32c Gravel Kings coming from a pair of 36c Challenge.?

  • I think you will, Strade Bianches are velvet curtains no matter the size.

  • I have used the race version in 33, then switched to Fairweather 'for traveller' in 32 and I wouldn't go back, these tyres are very good. Maybe the tubeless setup plays a role as well. £60 for a pair from P-X.

  • Just to make sure I understand. You had GK or Strade in 33? I wont ride this tubeless...

    Edit: you say race so you must mean Challenge Strade Bianche 33.
    I have been very happy with mine so it you suggest Fairweather is better I am keen. What makes the difference for you?

  • Yes, the stayer rando bide was on Strada Bianca Race 33 for a long time, then I switched to Fairweathers and like them better. They feel quicker and nimbler, which may or may be due to: slightly narrower tyres, tubeless setup.

    Whilst retaining a very good level of comfort (again, running them tubeless at ~40 psi probably helps)

    Plus tan walls.

    if you have another 11 sp disc wheelset we can do a wheel swap one of these evenings?

  • Uhhh disc brakes are dead mate ;)
    I'll just buy a pair and try it out.


  • cant stop looking at this

  • I am finishing it tonight. Hopefully the rack is done when I get out there :)

  • This how far I got last night after I sent off Team Stayer and the cargo bike.
    I took @cgg s advice and got some Fairweather traveler tyres. I went for algae green thinking it would suit the brown black and Reynolds decals.

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  • Oh mammy

  • Nice! Maybe I'll get the tyres in algae next time for some ton sur ton with the green paint job.

  • The eagle eye viewer will notice that the Reynold's decals are in French. Because...

  • .

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  • painfully good

  • Tak.
    Sun calmed down a bit now.
    Still to do is sort out the rando bag, fix dynamo wiring and order and fit mudguards.

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  • I have some Ortlieb stuff for the bag, but I can't find the fixings :(

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  • Really nice dude! Great work again.

  • A little late to this one and not sure if you've already said, but what is the reasoning behind having 2 closed loop systems for the steering on the cargo bike? Is it redundancy or something else? I imagine it must be difficult to get the same tension on both systems. Or is it one continuous line run round twice?

    That's enough questions... Absolutely love all of this thread btw

  • Getting tension correct is surprisingly easy. Those marine wire tensioners are quite sweet.
    Bike is currently at Bespoked, but I promise I will take proper photos of everything and do a write up when we are back.

  • Rando looks stunning.

    I'll be watching for it out in the wild.

  • Disgusting

    ( nice)

  • Thanks guys.

    I am looking for 700c VO hammered 45mm 'silver' mudguards for it. They seem sold out most places.

    Bike still needs some tweaking. I think I will have to get some better brakes for example. I'd like some Paul neo retro cantis or similar when funds allow.

    Cargo bike and Monster Rando made it to Bristol just fine btw... Swing by for a beer if you fancy. It is Neck Oil on the cargo bed.

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  • I need a couple of links of the chain and sort out front mech. Haven't found the sweet spot yet.
    But it rides absolutely perfect. I am so surprised the slack headtube and mega rake works out.

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  • What's the trail figure on this bike?

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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