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  • That is beyond good.

  • So is this now your only "road" bike?

  • Thanks guys.

    @Josh it is yes. I am not going to be joining a club and start racing anytime soon. But chuck 28-32 GP4000 on this and I could keep up on RP laps.
    Last summer I was ramping up towards doing 300km rides but after a couple of 170km rides the knee started acting up and I am now not sure if I'll ever get back to doing plus 100km rides.
    Instead of being bummed out about that I've just decided to settle for 50-70km ish riding with gravel roads in the mix and keeping the dynamo on so I don't have to worry about rising after dark, which is when life often permits me riding.
    But most of all I just build this thing because I loved it. The frame brings me back to good memories of being in shape and riding around London fast AND I won a cat 4 crit in the Olympic park on this.

  • I've just decided to settle for 50-70km

    Ideal ride length for a fun afternoon tootle

  • And a realistic aim. But I am worried about the knee :(

    I want to end more rides with a beer

  • That's my goal for this year as well!

  • I thought all rides end with a beer?

  • It should but with Friends

  • I can’t imagine going out for 200km now with kids, although the life change is still new and shocking for me. Maybe when they start going off to do stuff themselves but that’s like 10 years away at least

    I keep admiring the curve of the fork

  • Keep coming back to look at this. It is very awesome.

    The headtube is 44 mm with an inset bottom headset cup? I am contemplating trying to make my Talbot more multipurpose. If I can find someone willing to swap / manipulate the drop outs, then replacing my external headset and 380 a-c fork for a fork like that ritchey at 390 a-c should keep the geometry the same...I will stop rambling in your thread.

  • Anymore than 100km and you're showing off ;)

    Very envious of this bike and the new upcoming fixed drop bar thing!

  • I am considering different ideas re bar tape.
    I need some time to experiment tho

  • Exactly what I've done. Make sure you can actually fit the needed tyres in the rear triangle tho

  • The seatstays are a wish bone with loads of clearance. The chainstays would need replacement/manipulation to clear 47c 650b. Which might be too much effort.

  • Chainstay swap is not such a big deal imo

  • Treated myself. The crown jewel of my upcoming MTB project

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  • Flite -pron!

  • That Flite is in amazing condition

  • I have used a Topeak Turbo Morph on my MTBs and Cargo bike since it was reccomended to me back in 2016ish by @BareNecessities.
    BUT it has started coming a part and I am wondering if there is something similar for fast efficient inflation of bigger tyres, that will fit in my framebags and is nicely made?

  • Any of the Lezyne micro floor drives are rather nice.­-pumps-high-volume-trail

  • I have the lezyne HV Drive and it is very good. I would imagine the alloy one is the nicer version

  • Thanks. I'll try a Lezyne. I've just binned a rather nice lezyne track pump that failed on me with a valve issue I haven't been able to fix. But if you recommend it I will give a go.

  • I've managed to finish bartape and added sealant to the tyres so the all road is ready for a shake down ride as soon as I can find some time and then some proper camera photos in daylight.
    Went for Fizik Bondcush in the end. Really pleased.

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  • Make sure you do your valve cores up nice and tight. The screw on fitting can undo them from time to time as you remove the pump.

  • aren't lezyne meant to sell replacement parts for all their pumps?

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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