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  • That fork is peak sexiness

  • Can't wait to see the cranks!

  • Might start those today.

    @Simba thx

  • Ran out of time tonight but almost finished 90mm cranks for the mini bike.

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  • Plz make me a bike

  • For sure. How long you got? At this pace you'll need a recumbent by the time I am finally finished

  • I do like lying down alot so this sounds Ideal

  • It will be a challenge to make an aesthetically pleasing recumbent

  • So good!! I saw in your video on insta that you had some headband flip down glasses? What are they, and what shade?

  • Autogena or Idial welding specs.

    Not sure what DIN but they are fairly bright.
    The Autogena ones are not mine. That's just a photo from the internet. The other photo is an actual photo of me. But they might be of my other pair which has higher DIN so I will have to check for you tonight.

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  • You're making some eewings for your kid. Love it.

  • Close enough 😊

  • 😍😍

  • Third day on my dad-staycation is off to a good start. I just need to concentrate doing some actual work for the next 7 hours then off to the workshop for more me-time.

    Just received the missing bits for the all road. Will be attempting internal routing of the rear dynamo as soon as I am done with mini cranks.

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  • Hose yourself down

  • What’re these little grommets for?

  • Sort of in the nice to have category. But I am probably going to use one for the cable entrance in the downtube. I think the fork turning will put some stress on the cable where it enters that gusset thingy I made.

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  • No din available I am afraid πŸ˜”

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  • Cranks done

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  • Excellent! Looking forward to the first ride pics.

  • Shaved som grams and machined chainring down to 3/32"

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  • Thanks! Look about a shade 3?
    I'm after something to go over some Didymium glass blowing glasses that I picked up. There's a few clip on ones but the style like yours might be better.

  • Splendid job. Looks like you are enjoying your week.

  • Weight

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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