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  • I'll have a think about brick red...
    I don't mind not having all options. It makes making decisions easier

  • I'd say that the best colour is liteskin, function being form. Also if your doing custom cranks (wich you really should!) brace on a spider, this is based on the frustration of having to bin a perfectly good chainring because it was welded onto a crank made of butter.

  • I wonder if anybody has ever constructed an extending cargo bike like a trombone. Then you could adjust the capacity depending on the length of whatever cargo you had. Surfboards? Just pull the front out a bit.

  • Well, there is the extender bar for Omnium bikes:­inium-extender-bar/

  • I would suggest Bullitt style bags on either sides of steerer tube. They are so functional for storing the stuff you need on commutes/school runs/quick day out. But they do tend to fill up with random crap over time.

    I need to get my arse in gear for some Wit Slingers stuff instead of just reading the forum...

  • I not sure which bags you mean? As in bags Bullitt have produced? I already have a setup for the cargo bike that works well for me, but the Blackburn framebag I've been using broke and it doesn't seem worth fixing. I don't actually NEED the extra framebag, I just thought I might as well since I am getting Tijmen on the case.
    I have a Ortlieb Panniers for the rear and a Rack Pack for behind the child seat.

    edit: These what you mean?

  • If nobody has it is probably because telescopic constructions are hard to do cheaply especially for something that needs to be outdoors. But I like the idea.

    I am currently working on a little something something with my favourite framebuilder. So you might see some cargo bike action soon.

  • Exactly that, really handy to put the kids dirty rain boots and kit in after a day in the woods. The bags always hold a small picknick tarp, 2 ikea bags for shop runs, the lock and other bits.

    But I guess everything changes when you have a rack and Ortliebs.

  • I don't carry the ortliebs daily. Only on long trips.

    I have just had the framebag on daily and it carried, pump, tubes, straps for holding things and nothing else.
    My rack construction doesn't allow for the same style bag and I am not sure my feet will fit, but I will try and sketch up somethin similar and see where it goes

  • I'll have a think about brick red...

    Should fit right in the Hulsroy's Earthy Hues™ body of work.

  • Speaking of... I might let my daughter pick her own colours and I will give in to oxide red

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  • Got a little further on the tiny pedal bike

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  • Hot stuff!

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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