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  • I can't wait to try these out. I've been wanting Hope brakes since forever and finally got a good deal on these Tech 3 E4s

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  • I've been working on a full sus design for sooo long. But I can't get it quite right. I am tempted to just forget about it and build a new hardtail.
    Also, I have a couple of those yokes I designed for Stayer and I quite like to try one out. Current design iteration is with a 66 degree handle angle. The rest is pretty much straight up XC geometry. 100mm travel forks with room for more if i fancy later on.

    Will I hate 66 head angle? Is 68 more sensible?

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  • I'd stick with 66. 100mm is very short these days however.
    And go with the longest dropper available

  • Yes I know but I am in the flattest country in the world and new forks are expensive.
    Hmmm only one way to find out about the angles really.
    The dropper I got is 170mm I believe.

    Bontrager Line Elite­udstyr/cykelkomponenter/cykelfrempinde-o­g-sadelpinde/bike-seatposts-accessories/­sadelpinde/bontrager-line-elite-31-6-dro­pper-sadelpind/p/34840/

  • Have you checked if you can lengthen it? I can change my 100mm SID to 120mm with a €20 airshaft.

  • Yes unfortunately this does not grow :(

    But it is fine really. I can deal with 100mm travel. The full sus idea was much more about protecting my lower back which is fragile.

  • what about a mullet? stick a 29" up front with a 27.5 x wide / 26 x wider on the back?

  • What do you mean?

    For my size I think 29" wheels are appropriate

  • instead of building a full sus, you can create something more forgiving on the back end by fitting a 27.5" x 3" rear tyre and a 29" front

  • In that sense. I think I'll just get on with 29er wheels for now and then spend more time developing a full sus I am happy with. I can always sell the hardtail down the line

  • In the meantime I got this rolling.

    Got rid of some of the blue and removed the decals. Might get some new all white ones.
    I am enjoying this iteration a bit more and I feel like actually riding it now

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  • Will I hate 66 head angle? Is 68 more sensible?

    Can't decide between 66 and 68 degrees? Go for 67 degrees.

  • That looks like a lot of fun!

  • Genius <3

    Was thinking about 66.6° for old times sake

  • Ta. I am yet to find out :)

  • Finding some tubes for my daughter's new shredder

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  • I am not completely sure where I am going with this frame. I sort of wanna get it done for Xmas. But not sure how realistic that is.
    This my current favourite iteration

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  • would suggest a rear-wheel disc, every kid in the district will be envious!

  • not going straight in with a micro-cargo?

  • It is going to have rear disc brake instead :)

  • I have sketches of a mini cargo bike.
    But as long as she is physically going to struggle maneuvering something like that and won't cycle very far the bike needs to be small enough that she can jump on my cargo bike and I can carry both her and her bike.

  • I have some sweet progress last night.
    Rear end is still a bit undecided but I am nearing a decision. I want a rear disc brake and maybe tabs for the front as well if she gets confident quickly it will be nice to give a front brake a go.

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  • I cleaned up these old campagnolo track ends and considering using them. Just need to nail sliding disc tab situation

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  • My new fav backdrop

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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