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  • Seems like that workshop needs a bender and then you can make your own bullmoose.
    Shall we start a list?

  • Good benders are very expensive so that's not likely to happen.

    I have made a pair of bullmoose once. They are going on my daughter's next bike

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  • Finished this thing the other night as well.

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  • wip

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  • probably the best bike on the forum right now

  • Yeah, just so good

  • Thanks 👍

    Proper photos soon

  • Still no good photos but I managed to get the dynamo up and running and got the tyres set up tubeless.

    Next up is making a stainless steel rack for it and it's done.
    Current iteration features a Yepp Mini because I am going to disassemble the cargo bike and replace the seat tube and possibly have the frame repainted.

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  • the ultimate dad bike, so good

  • This bike is so nice. Every detail and component has been well thought through and it shows.
    Also as I've had a cargo bike for kids and a front seat like the Yepp and found that both are awesome in their own way.

  • Thanks Dan. It is getting there slowly.

    One of the reasons for building this silly rigid MTB up as a dad bike is that I need to replace the seat tube on the cargo bike and I cannot live without out its function: taking my kid to the forest or beach. So here we are.

  • In other news I am receiving a superb parcel from the UK soon including all the shite I need for my "road bike to gravelbike conversion" (Ritchey gravel forks, headset and new rotors) and bits and bobs for my new MTB...

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  • A part of the package I am receiving are these yokes I've designed for Stayer Cycles. A 3" yoke similar to the paragon one but for a larger chain ring and oval Columbus stays.

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  • And one of these 2.4" yokes which are more old school BMX inspired

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  • Can we order the stays?
    Should I start a list 😉

  • We have talked about offering them to framebuilders but for now it is exclusively stayer bikes.

  • just saw this! nice trip! setup envy for suuuure!!!

  • Ohhh yeah man. It was the best summer. We did a three day tour my daughter and I. The photos you just saw was from the initial test ride.

    Cycling was perfect. Weather was nice and my daughter took long naps during the day.

    First day I was panicking constantly and being too bossy. Worried about her not eating enough, not getting enough sleep, not getting burned on the Trangia or getting bug bites and all that... But once I started relaxing everything went much better. She loved sleeping in the tent and seeing stuff for the first time... Obviously. We all do I guess.

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  • Well now I feel like a less than adequate dad

  • Sorry. I get her almost killed daily if that is any consolidation

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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