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  • Looks pretty sick ay

  • steel

    29r (?)

    full sus

    skinny tubing

    no weird bends

    sliding drop outs

    oh baby this gon' be good B)

    coil......rear shock....maybe??.....pls

  • Yeah. Basically I want a Murmur without the gusset and reinforcements

  • Enjoying the ride ! Cotic is quite a similar reference point if you haven’t already seen­#slate-grey

  • Yeah. Maybe that is actually more appropriate geometry for my needs

  • 50mm shock is just fine for 115mm travel on my Swarf. Wouldn't worry much about anti-squat on a short travel bike, just put the pivot in line with the top of the chainring and you'll be close. My concern is it looks like you'd end up with a digressive suspension curve there, where your shock is moving proportionally less as you get deeper into the travel, which would require extra air spring ramp up. Get the curve linear (or slightly progressive) and you'd have a more neutral platform to start with. That said, without a linkage it's probably subtle, I haven't done the mathematics

    There is a program called Linkage you can demo

  • If we’re temporarily hijacking this to turn it into a forum members Starling page here’s mine. 160mm at the front and 140mm at the back which is perfect for when I’m hitting the trails of SE London with my enduro bros.

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  • Thanks both @TvH and @nuke both your bikes are great.

    I've now ripped off the geometry of the Murmur pretty much. I might still make it a little less progressive depending on what gear I can get. I can't afford to go out and spend £1000 on forks and rear shock so I'll see what I can get through friends and contacts. I might have to settle :-)

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  • Looks good - I might get called a heretic by the progressive police but my Santa Cruz Blur TR has 130mm travel 26” wheels and a 67° head angle and is still fun to ride - so I think you can afford to be less progressive.

  • My carbon hoops needed some pro truing so I had to remount my old wheels. I had some second hand WTB riddlers in the attic and boom proper gravel bike (whatever that is)

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  • My parts pusher just sent through proof of my new calipers:

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  • Weekend campout

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  • More

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  • Fantastic shots as usual!

  • Would love to go on a Hulsroy supplied tour of all the best parts of Denmark

  • Nice, did you start from Aarhus this time, or from your sommerhus?

  • From Aarhus. We have foound new ways of getting out of town northbound. Hardly have to touch tarmac anymore.

    @rodhusk maybe that could be arranged one day

  • I hope by the end of July border restrictions are lifted and it's easier to bike across borders. Current plan is to do a three week loop around the Netherlands, but it would be cooler to cycle to Denmark, starting in Groningen, NL!

  • Thanks for the share. About 10 years ago I flew with my bike to Aarhus (my gf was a student there) so I did explore a bit that area, but didn't go as far as Ebeltoft. Good memories, I should come back.

  • @Aderklint 's All Road

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  • Wow!

  • Next level

  • Thanks.
    Forgot to mention:
    Styling, build, component choises and photos all by Alex.

  • ooof super nice work!

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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