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  • I don't know how you've made something that should look so ridiculous look so great. Such a top bike.

  • You guys 😊😘

    Continuing the vanity tinkering I made a thing so I can take down oversize spacers on my lathe so they fit stems nicely

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  • Had a pretty annoying situation last night. I spent a lot of time extending a holesaw Arbor so I can cut chainstay dropouts mitres in one go.
    After all this work I realized that my machine doesn't have enough travel to do the cut 😔

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  • But then I did something I've been thinking about for a very long time... Can a mini lathe be use for mitering? Yes it can...

    Ars you looking @PhilDAS?

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  • turned out nice...

  • Top work, a nights worth of your Instagram stories is a great way to start the day.

  • I don't have the space for one sadly

  • If you make a little fixture for it can double as a TV stand

  • Or a bbq rotisserie

  • There's some issues with heat there I think. But options are endless really and no real hurdle for the man that transformed his kitchen into and artisanal metal workshop.

  • I'm sure he could get around those challenges with some well placed heatshields etc

  • I love the look of the new fork. Well done!
    My guess it would be so much more comfortable.

  • Thanks both

    @Zeeburg I am not sure if it feels better. The Columbus carbon forks that was there before never felt wrong or less smooth on the body. But steel does feel more smooth over rough terrain maybe. Or maybe more soft and dampening. Hard to express.

    I am definitely liking them. Just wish they weren't weird silver grey. Would be nice colour matched or maybe black.

    Had a lovely ride on them this evening tho

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  • On my gravel bike thing I am having issues with shifting. It has never been great, but after making these inserts and moving the wheel back especially shifting down to the smallest cog have been troublesome.

    My thinking is, and this has been confirmed by several helpful people, that the wheel axle is simply to far back in relation to the gear hanger causing too much chain wrap and therefore bad shifting.

    I've tried messing with the b screw etc.

    Sooo Sam at Stayer Cycles send me a Wolftooth Goat link to try and push the rear mech back, and that did help but the offset was too much for the rear mech so I couldn't shift into the lowest gear (32t on the cassette).

    So I need a zero offset hanger adapter that moves the rear mech back. Not knowing of any I decided to draw it up in cad, program it and CNC machine a prototype. Machining is not going great as my CNC really isn't for 3d metal surfaces but I am hoping it will work well enough that I can confirm that this is what I need to improve shifting.

    Worst case I cut off the surly dropout hanger and move it back. But this is more fun...

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  • The finalized design and goat link

    I'll be using the using the bolt from the goat link

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  • Are we going it ignore this?

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  • Well you are making it hard!

    Skipping leg day is quite normal tho

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  • Anyways... The real plan is not steel forks for this. I am going to convert to disc brakes and get new forks for it... Carbon forks.
    But while my other bike is being sorted I wanted to ride my road bike. I am currently on 28c four seasons and they come up big and going on wet gravel roads was not ideal on the Columbus forks... So that's the real reason for the swap. The forks are actually intended for a Kona Penthouse for my friend. But I need to replace the downtube on it so am borrowing the forks until then.

  • Back to our regular schedule...

    Finish is pretty rough. And I got the pocket depths wrong. Hopefully I'll get it to work anyways

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  • What about a derailleur hanger with a hole that the skewer goes through so that it becomes a sort of sliding dropout. As you move the wheel back, the derailleur moves back by the same amount. Punctures would be a faff but not too bad. My 3T drops its rear mech when you remove the wheel, you get used to it.

  • Are you using stock to leave and a finishing pass on the CNC?
    I found Winston Moys Youtube videos on cnc quite informative - he's using Fusion 360 and a desktop cnc, so the setup should be somewhat comparable.

  • It is just temp until winter where it will become a permanent winter Fixeh.

  • Thanks. This is with a finishing pass. But I haven't dialled much yet. But this is considered practice so that'd alright

  • this is sooooo incredible! love your work/tinkering!

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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