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  • Yeah it’s so wholesome

  • @PhilDAS thanks man. I am just showing the good bits mate. There is diapers, Peppa Pig and all sorts of crap that comes a long with the good times. But it is truly enjoyable.

    @t0-ster I am going to have to try a fully packed bike rehearsal before bringing Lin, but I am confident I can bring most stuff needed. Worst case we drop the tent and find a shelter to stay in.

    @MCamb ta!

  • Well keep the poopie diapers off the Instagram stories and I’ll maintain my bliss in ignorance :)

    Omnium preorder can’t come soon enough. Need this cargo life

  • How about making your own?
    Get a bigger kitchen get going!

    I can advise on geo

  • Not sure I can find the time.
    I am buying a tig welder this week however. If I can get to grips with that this year, the time savings of cleanup and no filing might persuade me to give it a go. Though I don’t expect with practise I’ll be able to weld a decent frame within a year

  • A bit of determination will take you far.

  • I thought when you suggested ‘making your own’ you were talking about children.

  • I like that. Yours?

    I actually have some yoke design stuff happening right now. Not sure how much I can share yet.

  • Edit: I can share a little bit. I've done two yoke designs recently that will be included in some batch production in the near future.

    First yoke is a BMX mono style yoke for 2.4" tyres and 42T chainring with integrated kickstand mount. The design is not quite there yet.
    Second one is very similar to the 3" paragon yoke but for oval chainstays for bigger chainrings with shorter stays

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  • Yours?

    No just want to share, bro : )
    It's a Yéti ARC 2007

  • It looks cool. Thanks for sharing

  • Snapped some photos of my Aravis framebag.

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  • Excellent cycle last night. Not much time for framebuilding unfortunately...

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  • Cargo bike is in need of surgery. There is too much play in the seat tube and it is deforming the tube slowly...

    Ive got a plan but need

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  • What do you mean by play in the seat tube? Where is the play originating from?

  • Well, I don't know if you remember but I had to do quill style seat post because the seat tube cracked above the top tube.
    The quill post is working fine but the seat tube was so distorted and thin that there was a bit of play and that plus my hench physique is putting too much pressure on the side walls of the seat tube making it distort.

  • In other news I made some sort of cheap (maybe single use) tube blocks out of nylon.
    I can't afford paragon tube blocks right now and haven't got the equipment to make more of my own tubes blocks out of alu so this will have to do. I rarely use 38mm tubes anyways.

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  • amazing stuff!!

  • Thanks man. opefully I'll get some time to chop some tubes this afternoon

  • Getting on with things

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  • Looks really neat!

  • I am excited for this road build I doing for @JensArne. It will be my second fully TIGd frame. But I've realized quite a bit since the last one and I can't wait to see how I've progressed. I am digging my new welder and foot pedal and gotten loads of practice doing other stuff.
    I am contemplating whether I should be making a purge system now or wait till I
    have made this frame and have a bit more time to do the machining proper.

    I setup the frame jig last night so it is ready to accept tubes. I did some tweaks to the headtube fixture and calibrated everything. I don't really have any photos of it because it was minor adjustments, but I made the jig more precise and easier to use.

    I still have to cut most of the tubes, do the flat mount and sort the internal cable routing and bosses. New to me is sorting all tubes before starting to weld. Only thing I might leave till the end is the wishbone seat stay. Having small two hour tasks suits my current work/life balance . Then when it is all ready I'll stick it together with the electric glue stick

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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