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  • I want to live where you live!!!

    Can I sleep in your workshop? Will sweep for sleep.

  • This is close to my mother in law's. Danish West Coast - Oksbøl Øvelsesområde (military tank training terrain).

    I have lived for a while in my workshop. You don't want that until summer.

  • It works fine if you're drunk enough

  • I'd love to go back to Denmark. Very fond memories from staying near Esbjerg when I was younger. I think I have family over there still actually, but they're the wrong side of a big family feud :-D

  • This looks like a really terrible place to ride bikes

  • Family feuds sound like a very west coast thing to have ;)

  • Yup. Flat, windy and sandy. But if you listen to music that's alright

  • I could work with that...

    Also saw this!

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  • I am going to have to do some proper photos

  • It is going a bit slow in Hulsroy world.

    I am running a bit short on time. I've been doing a lot of stuff around the flat and some furniture bits and bobs, but I am picking up my mates forks and rack and my wife's Kona Cinder Cone frameset tomorrow. I had it all powder coated matte RAL 6009 for £70. So thats nice. Finish is probably less so ;)

    I'll be building them up Thursday evening I reckon. I am hoping for sunshine during the weekend so I can take some photos of those and my gravel bike which is refreshed with new chainrings, cogs and chain olus the new wheels obviously. I also swapped the rear mech for something shorter to see if I can get better shifting. Something about the track ends, wheel placement and mech hanger is not completely great. It shifts, but not as nicely as my other geared bikes and cables are new etc.

    I haven't done much riding on it as it's really wet and muddy outside and my Fixeh winter trainer just makes so much more sense to ride these days.

    In terms of framebuilding I am hoping to start testing engraving head tubes this weekend and then when that's dialled onto making a road frame for @JensArne which I am pretty stoked on doing.
    I've ordered a pedal for my TIG welded and been making some heat sinks. I'll see if I can get some back purging going as well.
    So cool things coming up shortly I hope

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  • I am hoping for sunshine during the weekend so I can take some photos of [...] my gravel bike

    I can tell you straight away, without the sunshine, that it looks superb

  • Got to be one of the best bikes on the forum, hands down. The overall looks are just so bloody perfect.

  • 100% ^

  • Love this bike! One of the best bikes in the forum I think

  • Thanks guys. I appreciate it 😊

    I love the feeling of a brand new drive train. I can't wait to get some dry weather.

    Same goes for my MTB. It needs some dry trails as well. Especially as it looks like ikke be receiving my new Aravis framebag shortly...

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  • Went to pick up the Kona this morning. Painter wasn't done, but that's a good thing as it looks like I'll be swapping chainstays on it.

    I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to practice making yokes and swapping chainstays.

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  • #stealisarealpainsometimes

    sad times but the holes but good times about the practice!

  • I am steeeeeeeeling that hashtag if you don't mind

  • It'll cost you some more sweet welding/brazing photos though!!

  • I'll do my best

  • So cool things coming up shortly I hope

    You're the best!

  • I should visit this thread more often! This is fantastic!

  • Saw the double BB action on your gram. Very exited!

  • I've got stuff in the post. Most exciting is my new TIG pedal. Bad news is I haven't had time to pick up argon so I only have enough to tack my wife's bike up. I'll pick up gas Monday morning before work and hopefully be able to finish the frame Monday evening.
    I've decided to try and reuse some Kona chainstays. My wife doesn't really need bigger tyres than 2.0 and I am pressed for time so hopefully this can speed up things rather than cutting new chainstays and designing a yoke. We will see about that :)

    I cut out the shit chainstays (and examined the rest of the bike) and filled down the welds. The idea is remove the BB shell on the chainstay/BB assembly I cut out of a Kona frame years ago and re-mitre the chainstay BB junction. New chainstay look to be in good condition, but there is obviously risk involved using old chainstays instead of brand new ones. If the chainstays end up too short I'll chop and add a yoke design. But it will be nice to make everything look original.

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  • More

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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