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  • You can't just make statements like this and then not follow up!

  • I have been working on eliminating the use of printed paper templates for mitres.
    This means building fixtures and yesterday I finally got around to making one for classic seatstays. I had put making this off for a long time because it is the trickiest one to do as you are mitrering two tubes at the same time at a very steep angle. I ran out of battery so didn't take photos of the setup but the cut was nice and fit is great.

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  • Everything tinned and ready for fillets once alignment check is done

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  • Sweet

  • Syntace dropouts. Very nice.

  • Yeah I think they look real pretty.
    I have no experience with any of the thru axle ones tho

  • Mum bike is more or less complete

    Needs a kick stand and a paint job

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  • My winter trainer is ready. I really wished it had more BB drop. My saddle to bars drop becomes a bit too much for me and my neck. But hopefully it will be fine. I am mostly going to be using this for 50-60km rides once a week during winter.

    Most things on this is either deep parts bin stuff or donations from @JesperXT

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  • This is so nice! Really nice and especially a sustainable way!

    Whats the bartape?

  • The bartape is Bontrager ZigZap gel something. But don't bother. It is shit. It snaps super easily and is not worth its price.

  • Okay thanks! Looks good, though.

  • The bianchi turned out sweet!

  • Tidy! Love the color(less) scheme on this one.

  • New tyres and chainset

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  • Looks great with the extra black

  • Thanks Simba!

    I got some new tyres for the winter fixeh. The tubeless pro ones didn't seat on the non tubeless rims. GP4 season 28c seem light and nice. I loved gp4000s so I bet these will be grand for the intended purpose.

    I need to re-extend the steerer and add some spacers under the stem unfortunately. The drop is killing my back and neck on +80km rides

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  • No one will mind.

  • The is also an option :)

  • How phat are those 28mm in real life?

  • I'll measure when I get a chance but they look slightly bigger than 28mm just like gp4000 would have

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  • Sweeet! Looks so tiny :-)

  • Barspinz for dayz

  • Well it is ;)


  • Bars would hit you in the stomach

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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