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  • Sketching up a new 29er.
    Gotta finish two commissions first though...

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  • @Aderklint 's frame is coming along nicely.

    Just need to mitre the seatstays then I am ready to start brazing it all up. Then there is obviously filing and braze ons to do. But hopefully I can get quite a lot done this weekend.

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  • Also I have finished my Bianchi Pista mod.
    I am very excited to be able use this for winter training. I do 60km with a group of friends every Wednesday night. And riding this instead of my geared will save me some worries about bike maintenance. Also I just fancied fixeh.

    Followers of my IG will know I cocked up rear bridge placements. That's what happens when you work on bike late nights after work and dad duties.

    Anyways I had a dead colnago donor that provided a nice new little rear bridge. Also proper haram mixing Italian pure breed with shit mass produced Bianchi heritage rape frame. Maybe I will go to hell for this.

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  • Looking quite slack. Are you going for a longer travel fork?

  • 66° might go for 68° like my current one which is absolutely fine.

    It is "down country" inspired geo. I can't afford other forks so staying on 100mm travel

  • You should put an eyelet on the back of the Seat tube to attach the mudguard

    Edit: looks like you did already?

  • I drilled and tapped the massive dropouts

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  • It's something Daniel Salmon used to do on bikes with closer clearances. Supports the mudguard without the need for a bridge between the chainstays.

  • Sorry. I understand what you mean now. I read it ST as SS.

    But yes you are right. I flattened the mudguards and slammed it up against the seat tube and the ST had a M5 boss now.

    Nice bike btw

  • A local guy added this bolt to his pre-cursa, really neat. I wonder if you could fit the bolt through a strong spring or something for rattle-free adjustment if you decide to move the rear wheel forward or backward

  • I see. That could work. But hard get to the bolt without removing the wheel

    I am going to put a little bit of leather in there and let the mudguard sit tight. I think I am going to just accept poor fender lines and enjoy that I am able to get the wheel off without having to remove the mudguards.
    It will be cold and wet during winter do I want easy puncture fixing

  • Last time I had horizontal dropouts and mudguards I used the little SKS emergency QR adaptors (which are meant to release your front guard if you pick up debris) on the rear. This meant when I had a puncture I could just pop them out, get the wheel off, repair and pop it back without having to adjust the guards .

    I'm sure a man of your talents could make something similar to work with those GB stays.

    Maybe a rinko pin before the brake so the rear half of the guard can come off?

  • I have that on my rando. Doesn't work so nicely I think. Especially not with gloves in cold weather imo.
    BUT yes. I am totally doing something ghetto rinko for the rear mudguard. Was it you that share those magnetic rinko style mudguards?

  • magnetic rinko style mudguards


  • Err unsure it was a while ago

  • Thanks @Hulsroy and @spotter, you've just helped me eureka my way to solve mudguards for my S&S-Geekhouse!

  • Almost there

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  • That turned out really nice! Pistarmac...

  • That looks so good! Any details on the saddle, thinking something like that might suit my 4 and 6 year old kids.

  • Thanks. Still some things left to do including rinko rear mudguard and figuring out routing for rear brake.

  • It is pretty rare I think.

    Selle San Marco Concor Junior

  • Thought as much, this thread and your fabrication work is pure forum gold! Keep it up and keep sharing :)

  • Thanks. I'll do my best 😜

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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