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  • Thanks. The armature that came with light seems to do something similar

  • so it does, and in fact a better solution as it allows you to cantilever the light up and more forward to get it over the top of the curvature

  • Not the most amazing thing I have ever purchased but I'll make it work

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  • Seems like you've already started to put it to good work on your 'gram!

  • Oh yes! Thanks.

    And it meant I could back to framebuilding...

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  • So it's a thing that lets you fabricate things, that lets you fabricate other things. Workshop envy (as usual)!

  • Yes. It is s rabbit hole.

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  • What have you used on the headset/steerer to replace the quill? I'm doing a very similar project and this is nice and tidy. I like.

  • Thanks. I extend the steerer tube by welding more 1 1/8" tube on top of the existing tube. I use a 40-50mm length of 1" steerer as a internal plug and weld it all together. I make sure the seam is within the head tube and use v block to make sure everything is straight.

    Some framebuilders finds this bad practice, so I can't recommend you doing it.

  • Like this

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  • Of course you did! I thought there might be some wizardry in there. I'll probably just plump for a quill adaptor if I need to change stem/bars.

  • So what's the counter arguments? Structural failure likely?

  • I really can't see how it could fail. It would mean the headset would fail as well and I can't see that happening.
    I have been doing it for 6 years ish and haven't experienced failure yet, but I won't do it for money and if I do it for someone else I tell them not to sell the forks to someone else as I am not able to insure that it will be safe.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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