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  • Described as a 'spitfire' paintjob but I think he meant RAF Mustang.

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  • I mean, there's some good colours there. It could have been done a bit more subtle on the bike maybe. But each to their own. Loads of people probably dig it.

    Enough about English. I should have some ssmtb up and running later...

  • We now return to the usual broadcast:

    The GT is done for now. Changes will happen, but I have bigger fish to fry right now.

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  • I also finished the Marin San Rafael for my sister in law. She is coming to visit this weekend and we are all going for a bike ride together. Excited to see her try it out.

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  • I think your förbund has a stronger anodization-game than mine

  • The GT is done for now.

    Looks good, that.

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  • Excellent

  • The oversized saddle is good

  • Haha nice effort

  • Woodman Axis SPG Comp 1-1/8” ø34,1 Titanium

    Did that spacer come with the heatset or did you find something to match?It looks great. I've been looking for something similar for my Brother with nitto bullmoose stem. Usual spacers are too thick for a nice transition.

  • I think it's a bit fatshamey. You're not that big.

  • It is one of my oil slick spacers I polished.
    I bet any ti spacer on eBay would be good

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  • All the scandinavian trolls are out these days...

  • What bars did you put on the Marin?

  • Humpert Ladytown from SJS

    My wife has them in silver finish on hers and they are alu. These unfortunately are steel painted black, which I was quite dissapointed about at first but then decided they were probably light enough

  • The Marin looks great. And the GT turned out really sweet. The headset/stem is delish!

  • Usual spacers are too thick for a nice transition.

    Nitto makes some spacers that work perfectly with the BMbars.

  • lol! take that @Tijs

    Love the banana brooks

  • Truly a modern day Mona Lisa.

  • Had a good quiet weekend. Got some time to progress on @Aderklint's new frame.
    Made a flat mount jig and machined some brake caliper mounts. Not quite done with them but should be soon...
    Then on to BB/chainstay assembly.

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  • Got a bit further today with the flat mount caliper mounts. Went alright actually...

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  • You're getting too good at this. It can't imagine what you'd do if this was your full time job

  • I'd probably starve :)

  • You know what I mean. Just accept the fucking compliment man!

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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