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  • Would really like to try a set of klampers. I think there's solid engineering reasoning about chosing a one-sided design. Will probably stick with BB7s because monies and I have yet to run out of braking power even without compressionless housing.

    The ritchey crankset that spotter posted is really good looking too!
    I quite like the look of the Ingrid cranksets too, though they are spendy too..

  • Yeah. Those are nice.
    I have too many bikes to really go all out on components like those cranks.
    I have seen a couple go through the Stayer workshop and they are gorgeous.

  • Fair enough.

  • It probably should not be used about bicycle design.
    I am from an architectural background and I value buildings and design that is honest in its fabrication and material choice.

    My old professor Karl Christiansen said it like this about his book Tectonics - The Meanin of Form:

    Tectonics – The Meaning of Form deals with one of the core topics of architecture: the relationship between form and content. In the world of architecture, form is not only made from brick, glass and wood. Form means something. When a material is processed with sufficient technical skill and insight, a form, that cannot be described or explained in any other way, appears. The purpose of tectonics is apparent when form and content merge and become one.

    Edit: Let me give you an example. Sklar bikes.
    Are the tubes bend because it makes for a better bicycle or are they just bend to make his brand stand out? Is there logic to shaping tubes? Is it not more sane to not do too much to the tubes?

    I sort of like his curves, so I am torn. I am still finding my feet in all of this. It takes a lifetime to master design and I am still learning/curious

  • Awesome - glad I asked

  • Sorry. Added a bit to my reply

  • It got all too intellectual in here.

    Here is a pair of pretty tyres that won't work for its intended use ;)

    But they'll make my road bike look swooosh

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  • I understand. I have spent the last seven years or so scrimping due to studying and recently being a graduated but out of work engineer.
    But I'll try to keep my stable limited and hopefully spend something more on some quality kit, when I land my first job.
    The ingrids are definitly high on the list.

  • You should re-cover the saddle with blue!

  • Yes. Not the easiest leather to find tho. And dying sounds like a project o don't have time for ;(

  • The purpose of tectonics is apparent when form and content merge and become one.

    Which frame builders do achieve this, according to your opinion? There are very few that don't indulge in frippery.

  • Hunter, Falconer, Ted James, Swarf, Shand, Cielo, Rock lobster?

  • Those red accents though. They’re going to be hard to unsee 😉

  • First I read your comment as a matter of modernism being blind to its ideals as formalist as they are explained through function?

    Where as form that is being added, such as the Sklar bend, is considered lesser because form is not considered a function.

    I’d say the graphics are content and form.

    Not arguing here just trying to understand. Never heard of tectonics before.

  • Yes. If you swap Ted James for Zanconato and add Tom Ritchey. And Stayer goddammit

    Hunter does some curvy shit, but absolutely love his work and mentality so he is forgiven :)

    Edit: Sven Cycles has some misses but I've seen amazing frames from him as well.

  • Go back in your cave, troll

  • I did say Sklar is a tricky one because a lot of his work is nicely balanced and has good graphic style.

    But he goes to extreme lengths to keep the top tube free. That means he has to route his cables like this:

    In my mind that's a design flaw

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  • It looks very Hulsroy-ish, in the best possible way. Much envy.

  • Would really like to try a set of klampers

    You'd be happier buying some Deore instead and spend the difference in cake and ice-cream.

  • I am not saying they are worth their RRP but they are very nice imo.
    A pair of Shimano hydraulics are great, but they are NOT Paul

  • It was not a dig at you. They're just not, you know, essential.

    Anyway, for some reason Zanconato completely flew under my radar and yes he is very, very good with his proportions, even the high stack bikes are very balanced.

  • Zanconato completely flew under my radar and yes he is very, very good with his proportions, even the high stack bikes are very balanced.

    Mike (Zanconato) studied under Toby Stanton of Hot Tubes. Toby builds pretty straight forward no-nonsense bikes, sometimes with ugly paint jobs ;)

  • I think you underestimate how much I appreciate precision machining ;)
    Anyway with a baby on the way a cargo bike is going to be a lot higher on the list than American fancy bits.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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