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  • Explains all the creating. Welding, bah!

    Edit: New page fail

  • Loving the cargo, I had exactly the same smile on my face when I took my little one out for the first time!

    So, what exactly have you done with the ex stroller seat to mount it up? I can see you’ve welded some mounting bars at the bottom - were those curved tubes with the holes in part of the original stroller? In principle I want to do this myself and it would be even more awesome to use the original quick release on the seat, but I swear I don’t think I’ve seen a stroller with a steel frame yet.

  • Well this is steel. But I thought the seat was detachable. It wasn't and I didn't realise before I was back in the workshop.
    I chopped off most bits and just welded on som box section and flat bar.
    I thought I took some photos of it and posted a bit back in the thread?? If not I will see what I can dig out.

    EDIT: this photo shows it. I just used the bumper bar and the backrest / lowering mechanism

  • How much difference does a bb flap make? (And why does the mudguard have holes in it close to the side?)

  • Re mudguards: Clearance for frame or chainset is my guess. They came like that. A bit annoying as I don't really need it.
    I don't know what that flap does either. It is only there to please @spotter

  • All your flaps please @spotter

  • How much difference does a bb flap make?

    Huge IME

  • You are also chairman of the Spotter Fanclub™

    Edit: I am being unnecessarily sarcastic here.

    Jack suggested it was a good idea. I am trying it out. If it works I'll do it on my rando as well. It might need to be longer to work @boredom

  • Huge IME

    This. That 3rd flap means a much cleaner BB/gear cables and cranks plus drier feet. That is my anecdata and I am sticking to it.

    There is a 4th flap option too. But the 4th flap is in your mind

  • The Fourth Flap®
    is not cycling at all

  • OK. Top Tip - Do not Google THAT term on the work machine......

  • The Fourth Flap®

    excellent cycling club name for dads

  • Fourth Flap CC

  • Working on a beater. Maybe for me maybe for my mate.

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  • Should go for one of those cheapo racks that mount on the bosses

  • I have a rack for it I welded back in 2013

  • What's that Frame? Looks pretty cool!

  • It is a shite Everton from the 90s I think. It was a really rank dumpster find where everything was stuck and paint was horrid.

  • Woah I thought the 3rd flap was attributed to scobles

  • It is.
    But that doesn't stop Scooter from endorsing it

  • I just wanna get the lore right

  • Reader's wife's wife

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  • .

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  • I picked up a new helmet for our dwarf friend.
    An Abus Smiley 2.0.
    It seems like good quality for the money, the fit is good and there is no horrid floral theme in pink printed on the shell.

    And because the sun is shining and I finished the cargo bike seat last night we will go for a longer ride today. Can't wait.

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  • That is perfect!!

    Such a lovely colour

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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