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  • Prototype an electric version and I'll order one when you've ironed the bugs out.

  • Stunning work as always.

  • I’ll buy the prototype :)

  • I’ll buy the bugs

  • They’ll be all flat after the ironing, should be good value

  • Easier to ship

  • I am thinking about this. Which system would you want... Asking for a friend

  • I just had a ride on this. Not s proper shake down but enough to feel like everything is working perfectly. Front tyre feels slow and sluggish, but that was to be expected.
    Dynamo setup works flawlessly.
    I am getting cold feet regarding the stroller seat solution. People keep contacting me with concerns and my wife is now worried.
    Not sure it is more dangerous than other things, but I am wondering what to do now.

    To do:

    • cap light mount. I got lazy and now regret it.
    • make kickstand stop with integrated rubber band.
    • different seat solution
    • buy mtb platform pedals
    • machine more durable kickstand feet.
    • but chunky ESI grips
    • maybe extend steerer for more comfort.
    • maybe make clamp for forks if headset gets loose.
    • mudflaps

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  • I am getting cold feet regarding the stroller seat solution. People keep contacting me with concerns and my wife is now worried.

    What concerns?

  • Safety.. Being crushed in side collision. Or issues being thrown forward when stopping hard

  • Haha winning! This bike is awesomeee

    Sorry if I missed it upthread but what is the front light? And the dynamo you used?


  • but you are Hulsroy, roll cage?

    Understand peoples concerns, its the scariest thing in the world, but I guess slow speeds on a cargo bike.. your dad instinct will drive you to protect, I would do it.

  • I think (and this is what is referred to as man-guessing) that as long as the child is old enough to handle the shock (have you considered attaching a hamax kiss or similar instead of stroller seat? My thinking is that it flexes noticably) the real danger is collision and then my 2-cents is that there's always going to be a risk with kids in traffic. The biggest way to minimize the risk is where and how you cycle (also good brakes).

    What I'm trying to say is that I think that it looks good, and maybe there's a way to add like buggy kind of detachable steel canopy to lessen anxiety?
    Anyway I don't know what I'm talking about

  • different seat solution

    Edit/ Guessing baby seat.

  • Son Edelux 2 and SP pd 8 something

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  • Yeah. But Wifey got that stern look upon her face

  • yup, I know that one.

  • This is what I am trying to design and think about.

  • People will always express their "safety" concerns when there are children involved, we also received a lot of crap about our Bullitt. The most important thing is that you feel safe and confident about it, if you keep second guessing you'll never be able to take the kid out for a ride into traffic

    If you feel safer with a more protective car seat, do it. If your wife feels safer with a (removable) roll cage bar, do it. It might not look pretty, but once your offspring is a bit older, you can still remove it afterwards. I hate riding around with the canopy on our Bullitt but it keeps the kid out of the elements and has quite a sturdy "roll cage" design.

    Also, you can never account for other people doing idiot other people things, but just as most of us on here, we ride bikes enough to estimate traffic situations and act accordingly.

  • Forgot to say, this bike is fucking awesome! :)

  • I often see a guy who lives near me with two kids loose in a cargo bike, has a canopy but no seats. I dont think being on a cargo bike would increase your risk of crashing. Thats said I think having a small motor would actually be safer as you would easily be able to shift the bike if need be to get out of trouble

  • Ive been carrying my two-yr-old son in a trailer in city traffic for more than half a year and i cannot imagine what would be more dangerous with your solution

    Instead, the great advantage is that you actually see your child in front of you. What could increase safety though is making the low front part of the bike more visible but from the top of my head i dont have a better idea than those ugly safety bike flags that come with most trailers

    Having said that, i also know how helpful it is to argue against a mom‘s feelings using logical/technical arguments...

  • bike looks rad!
    cargo bike child has got to be way safer than in one of those rear mounted seats, or than being towed behind you in a trailer where you can't even see them.

  • Maybe more side visibility would help - you need under body lights natch.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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