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  • ah I’m very sorry to hear that about your granny. I agree and don’t think that e bikes are a cure-all.

    Your cargo bike is very light, the one I am using is approx 60kg unladen. And 200kg+ when fully loaded (not including me)

    starting from stand still is when the weight and resistance is felt the most (aside from going up hills). Once past the assisted speed of 16mph I can push it to 20mph+, it’s not that hard. But without the motor helping me up to 16mph i feel exhausted v quickly. It’s like a barrier that is very hard to push up to without the e assist. Maybe I have grown to be too reliant on it 😅

  • I agree.
    I am also concerned with the amount of people who buy cheap e-bikes and ride them into the ground without doing proper maintenance. I have seen several e-bikes around with non-functioning front brakes and chains which you can hear rattle before you see them.

    I think the easiest way to keep riding is with lightweight bikes with low gearing like what Isla Bikes have done.

  • lightweight bikes with low gearing

    I agree that this is an excellent way to keep people riding. Unfortunately the car culture of London and the UK has very little patience or consideration for people riding on the roads at +-10mph, like my dad. I see him subject to the most terrible close passes and aggressive driving. So much so that he’s been pushed on to using the pavement for most of his rides into town. Also dangerous for him IMO as the chances to fall are much higher. He uses a regular bike but i can understand when people look to e bikes, as it is a way to allow them to ride on roads in a strong, safe position with confidence.

  • I think there’s a degree of ableism here, and also ignoring quite how lazy I am. If I can ride a bike up a hill it doesn’t mean I want too. I can walk back from the shops with my shopping as well, but I don’t want to do that either.

  • The whole thread is amazing,
    this is another level.

    I don't see anything to keep the burly quickstand out of the way when rolling.

    I expect the« magnets!» answer,
    and will totaly accept it.

  • Yes fair enough.

  • Well, I am thinking about it. For now I am just going to use a velcro band, but I have plans for a little machined nylon stop with a rubber band.

  • if you take on a loaded bike you can't ride and put a motor on it it ends up even heavier and harder to handle.

    With cargo, though, a motor can make heavy loads much easier to handle, especially when doing low speed manoeuvres.

    All said though I think it’s mostly to do with training, and for sure you will have to adjust the way you ride depending on the type of loads you carry.

    Got a bit distracted by this ebike motor chat, if i was buying for myself I would still get a cargo with no motor, for initial cost, weight and the scary potential of future expenses. :)

  • Regarding child seat, have you looked into isofix kids car seats.
    You put a steel rod on the bike and presto can mount almost any car seat. You can use the same seat when you borrow a car or get a taxi or whatever. Easy to swap out for a smaller or bigger seat as the child grows or gets a sibling.

  • Is no-one listening to my arguments?

  • a) we can't remember

    b) most of us are just here for the pictures

  • I need a weather proof setup and repurposing a stroller allows me to do that.

  • Got everything mounted. I just need to make some sort of bracket or bar for the hood.
    Hopefully I can have a test ride tomorrow.

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  • approx 60kg unladen


    200kg+ when fully loaded (not including me)

    WTAF? Over quarter of a ton, all up? Fucksticks'n'shizzle.

  • Isn't that about right for the craftsmen style cargo trikes?

    Edit: Yeah, the Logik&Co ones in Copenhagen can carry 200 kg excluding the rider.

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  • Yes, exactly but we are on long john (I think they’re called?) style bikes, with 2 wheels.

    If you throw the trailer into the mix then you can add another 150kg onto the capacity ;)

  • This whole thread is the absolute tits! Bravo for everything to date.
    The baby seat facing you is a particularly nice touch too - you'll appreciate that on trips long enough for for baby to fall asleep

  • Cargo bike looks amazing. Great color too.

  • This is looking great! and congratulations BTW!

    I've found riding laden cargo bikes in Sheffield a chore, even with (modern) mountain bike gearing. As soon as you hit a hill all momentum is lost and you're straight into the smallest gear, and it's still difficult.

    Electronic cargo bikes are the only way in hilly areas. I've seen loads of riders on the road, in the Peaks, who I suspect used to have the fitness to ride there, but now don't, able to enjoy themselves on a e-bike too. They've definetly got their place.

    I agree that in flat areas, there are better options, for inexperienced bicycle riders.

  • WOW! SUPERB CARGO and now this!?!? YES!!! really interested in your research!

  • Amazing work!

    For your next project can you please make a speeder bike like in Return of the Jedi, then I can dibs it when you move onto bigger things like ATAT's and Death Stars and stuff.

  • Great work on the cargo bike!

    My contribution to the discussion on motors is that I ride an omnium cargo w/o motor and its perfectly fine. Its a rare thing i load it with extreme weights. 60% 11kg baby and a couple of bags. 10% bag. 10% single items. 20% big load. I think its 36t front and 12-34 back. Or whatever they come with.

  • Thanks all!

    I might consider making my wife a cargo bike that is motor ready at least.
    It is just soooo expensive

  • Cheaper than a car! (Maybe, not really)

    But definitely cooler.

  • Light mount sorted.
    I know light is mounted wrong.

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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