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  • Ha that belongs in vmb

  • Oh my thats pretty.

  • I just built my Omnium with 32 / 11-28 (10 speed) and it seems fine for London. Traded off some low end for closer ratios because big jumps are quite unpleasant when carrying weight.

    I would prob braze the bits for the FD though to keep options open. If I ever want to venture further afield I will have to add quite a lot of ugly things to enable +1 front cog.

  • I did braze it on. I was like fuck it. It is heavy and ugly already

  • I did some experiments in making a stainless steel KØRDØR seat tube "decal" yesterday. It was a bit of a time waster that proved hard to roll consistently. It might be possible to shape it a bit when soldering it on but might end up looking a bit rough. I might not use it. But it served as a vehicle for getting my pantograph up and running. I plan on engraving a headtube next


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  • More

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  • I also did a brass AFSTED! (The Danish equivalent of "Up and Away!")

    But I am wanting a bit less vintage style for the cargo bike.
    The text is a bit faint also. So again good learning experience but probably won't be used.

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  • I did also snap the kickstand testing it and straightening it.


    This is what happens when you weld on butted tubes ;)
    Luckily it was just a prototype and I have fresh proper tubing to make a new nicer one.

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  • I fixed my milling machine today. This means I can start doing proper mitres. (It is not mine but my mates but I can use it any time!!!!)
    This means I can start making frames again and even more importantly build a kick stand and finish the cargo bike project.

    I also got some new bars for my rando bike. I am actually quite happy with the Salsa Cowchippers. I just found them a bit to flared for skinny tyres and mudguards. They would be better on a proper gravel build.

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  • These bars are so underrated. Been running them for 2.5 years and love them

  • Dope. They look great. I had the wcs version but stupidly sold then to @spotter for what I just bought these for.

  • What Turkish said.. I have them on my Pelago and I can't fault them.

  • Mounted the bars. Yet to ride them, but they do look fairly chunky. I will have to get some nicer bar tape.

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  • I rather like them and am now considering getting some myself.

    A question - is the stated measurement for width taken at the tops or the drops?

  • Tops ctc. 52cm at the bottom

  • Perfect thank you!

  • I lied!

    495mm in the drops

  • In cargo bike news:

    I got a 10 sp XT groupset. I am debating what sort of setup I should go for. 36T SRAM chainring looks best and I am not so keen on stamped steel chainrings. They look a bit meh.
    I might start of on a 1x at least for photos ;)

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  • I recovered a Flite.
    Next up custom logo stamps.

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  • Finished article

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  • nice! Reasonably easy? I've been thinking about doing this with a couple of mine.

  • Piss easy to be honest. I have had quite a long think on this and loads of advice from on here and a proper saddle maker.
    Key bit is good leather and the soaking of leather overnight and dipping in hot water before shaping helped.

  • Looks good! Thanks for sharing.

  • Key bit is good leather

    a fine reason to have more children....

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Hulsroy's Hustle

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